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Lowball Guts Strategy

Lowball guts is a great game for players that enjoy having large pots and moments of frustration among each other, in a good way. If you are familiar with three card knock or guts, this game is another variation to those.

The game is easy to follow along and does not require a lot of special skills. However, it is recommended that you pay attention and know some tips when you play.

Lowball Guts Strategy Tips

When playing lowball guts, you are going to face some interesting scenarios. It would be beneficial if you had some tips before playing and wagering any money. Some popular tips for lowball guts are knowing the rules, avoiding the bluff, and watching your bankroll.

Knowing The Rules

If you have played three card knock or guts before, then this is very similar. However, this variation provides a twist that some will enjoy.

The rules of this game follow along very easily. Everyone is dealt three cards face down, and you will eventually be looking for the lowest hand possible. Then three cards will be dealt to a ghost hand face down as well.

Once everyone’s hand has been dealt, players can look at their hands. At this point, a round of betting begins, or the betting can be satisfied at the very beginning as an ante to play in.

When looking at your hand, you want to see what your hand strength is. The point of lowball is to have the lowest hand rank possible. So pairs and high cards are out of the question.

The lowest hand you can have is A, 2, 3. Suits do not matter in this game since there are no flushes or straights.

When everyone is ready, the dealer will count to three. At the end of three, everyone that stays in will flip their cards over. Everyone that decides to fold will simply drop their cards.

If multiple players are in a showdown, whoever has the lowest hand wins the pot. The other players that lost have to match the pot to whatever value it was.

If only one player decides to stay in and everyone else folds, they have to go against the ghost hand. If a player loses to the ghost hand, that player must match the pot, and then everyone can join again.

Avoiding The Bluff

Because this game requires a low hand to win, you want the worst hand possible. Since this is not a draw game, you cannot change your hand once you are dealt the cards. Simply put, you are stuck until the next hand is dealt.

It would be foolish in a betting round if you try to bluff your hand. A majority of the time, players are either in or out. Since the losers have to match the pot, you do not want to be bluffing and risk losing a lot of your bankroll.

Watching Your Bankroll

This game takes some patience while playing. If you can bet a little bit at a time, you can wait for a juicy payout to make it worthwhile.

However, this game can easily drain your money. If you keep getting to stay in and lose, even with good cards, your money will take a beating since you have to match the pot.

It would be best to lay low if the hands are not there and wait for the opportunity to show up for a great hand. Chances are, multiple players will think they have a goes hand right when you have the best one, and it will be a great pot.