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Micro Stakes Poker

Micro stakes poker is a form of the game that costs very little to buy into. Any game that has a maximum buy in of up to $25 would be considered a micro stakes game. Typically the standard of play in these games is relatively low as you tend to find plenty of beginners and recreational players. However, micro stakes poker offers a great learning platform to become a better player and also affords you the opportunity to win some money if you get your strategy right.

There are some effective strategies for micro stakes poker that if you deploy correctly can help you get some wins under your belt.

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Before You Start

Before you enter a micro stakes poker game there are a couple of decisions to make and some tips to keep in mind. The first thing you need to do is find your favorite game type and stick to it. Poker is a game with a number of variations, whether you want to play cash games, tournaments, or sit and go’s find your favorite and try to improve in that area. If you try and master every game type you’ll end up with some expertise in each, instead, invest time in one game type and become a master of it.

When you’ve found your game type remember to start off small if you are a beginner. Choose the game with the smallest blinds so you can get used to the pace of play and you can nail down your strategy without fear of losing a lot of money. By starting small you’ll also find yourself playing against inexperienced players therefore increasing your chances of winning.



TAG stands for “tight aggressive poker” and its the most effective strategy in micro stakes games. TAG is about playing aggressively off a narrow range of hands. Given that the standard of play is lower in micro stakes poker, players will tend to use less strategy in their decision making process. Therefore if you play aggressively when you have strong cards but fold when you don’t, you will maximise wins and limit losses against players who will struggle to identify your strategy.

Don’t over read your opponents

While it’s important to have your own strategy don’t read too much into your opponents. Often in micro stakes poker you’ll find players who bet erratically and with their gut. If you try and read too much into their strategy it can be difficult to play against. Instead, concentrate on your own strategy and play the percentages to ensure you don’t get a bad beat.

Fast-play strong hands

In this form of the game its important to build up the pot yourself when you have a strong hand. Recreational players like to call so rather than trapping it’s a better idea to place sensible bets to try and get one or more of your opponents to call.

The main things to remember to be successful in micro stakes poker is to stick to one game type and play tight but aggressively. Try not to overcomplicate hands against inexperienced opponents and instead play the percentages to ensure you win.