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One Man’s Trash Betting Strategy

Fans of Texas Hold ’em and draw games are in luck. One Man’s Trash is another variation of the two, with some differences in the way the cards are dealt. Do not worry if you are not familiar with the games, as this guide will help you with what you need to do.

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Top Tips For One Man’s Trash

As mentioned above, the game is very similar to how Texas Hold ’em is dealt and its betting structure. There are some things to keep in mind, and those tips are as follows:

  • Know the rules
  • Remember the cards
  • Bluffing
  • Chip count

Know The Rules

The number of players ranges from three to six. Just like Texas Hold ’em, you are dealt two cards, and then five cards will be dealt on the table as community cards.

Instead of having the flop and river, you show all five cards at the same time. This is followed by a betting round.

Then the player who is to the left of the dealer, who is still in the pot, will choose two of the community cards to be replaced. They are then removed, and two cards are dealt from the deck to replace them.

Another round of betting happens, and then the next surviving player, in turn, replaces two more cards. This process continues until the betting round/replacement process has had all of the players still in the pot have had a chance to replace cards.

Once everyone has had a chance to replace the community cards, one final round of betting happens. Then, on to the showdown.

Remember The Cards

Since everyone will be replacing the community cards, many other cards will be in and out of the rotation. So if you think you have a good hand, odds are it might change for better or worse.

You need to remember what cards have been previously on the table. If you are searching for a certain card to complete your hand, you need to keep in mind if everyone else has tried to go for that too.

Being able to remember what cards were in rotation will give you an edge over the other players that do not. You will also get a better idea of what the other players have and what their hand strength looks like.


If you are not good at bluffing or you do not like it, then this game may not be in your favor. Bluffing is actually quite important in a lot of scenarios in hands for this game.

You might start with a great hand, but once players start replacing the community cards, your odds change considerably since they might choose a card or two that you might need.

If you can keep your composure throughout gameplay, this would greatly benefit you. Also, if you can stay in the game long enough and wait for your hand to get better, this game will allow you the opportunity to wait on a good hand.

Chip Count

As a reminder for bluffing, if you do not think you can make your hand better, then it is best to fold. You need to watch your money situation to make sure that you can even bluff.

This game will also make you bet a lot of you are not careful. You might have the tendency to stay in since the community cards change often. It is important to know when to call it quits and to have a set amount of money that you are comfortable with losing.