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Phoenix Burn Strategy

Three-card poker fans have another variation on their hands. Phoenix Burn is a game of three-card poker but with several twists. This game is sometimes referred to as three-card knock guts or even three-card burn. As long as the rules are the same, the name does not matter.

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Top Tips For Phoenix Burn Strategy

When making a strategy for this game, it is important that you understand a few things. The purpose of the strategy is that you are helping to keep your losses down but also want to have fun in the process. The top tips for Phoenix Burn are:

  • Know the rules
  • Best cards to have
  • Bankroll

Know The Rules

This game revolves around a three-card system. This means you do not have to worry about straights, full house, flushes, or anything else except having a high card, pair, or three of a kind (if you are that lucky). Bets are made usually before any cards are dealt, just to show that you are “in” and ready to be dealt.

At least three players are needed for this game for betting and fun, but it is even better once you have up to seven or more. One card will start to be dealt at a time to each player face down.

The player has the option to say “up” or “down” when dealt. Only one card will be a face-up card and the rest down.

So, everyone, in the end, will have three cards. Each person will have two face-down cards and one face up. The “pot hand” will also have three cards, and those will all be face down.

The player with the highest card showing is automatically “knocked” in the pot. They are essentially “burned” if they show an Ace (example of high card) and have a terrible hand of A, 3, 4.

The highest card showing always has to play their hand regardless if it is good or not. The loser has to match the pot unless there is a predetermined amount.

Once players have made it through to the showdown and are still in, they will flip over and show what they have. The player with the best hand wins.

If the burned player has no one to play against, they have to play against the pot hand. The pot hand will then be flipped over, and the burned player has to beat that hand to win the pot.

Best Cards To Have

Since this game forces you to knock or be in, you sometimes have no control over when you can play your hands. A high card is great until you are forced to play the hand.

The best cards to bet on and have are the face cards and just about any pair of cards. You want to focus your attention on having a pair since everyone will most likely be betting stronger with pairs.

If you happen to get a three of a kind, then congratulations, because this one is quite difficult to achieve. This hand will be extremely difficult to beat, so it is pretty much a guaranteed winning hand. In other words, do not ever fold this hand.


You need to watch your money situation for this game. Since the forced entry to paying the pot is a factor, there will be times when you have to pay simply because your hand was bad, and you had the highest card showing on the table.

Also, not only is the forced pot match a factor, but you can even pay several times in a row if it happens to be dealt the highest card showing for consecutive hands in a row.