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Razz Poker Strategy

If you are familiar with seven card stud, then the transition over to Razz will be a breeze. Razz is the lowball version of seven card stud. For this game, you will be looking for the best low cards possible to make the best hand.

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Five Tips For Razz Betting

Razz is a refreshing point of view for a twist on the typical card games. There are not a lot of differences, but there are things to consider. The five quick tips for Razz betting are:

  1. Know the rules
  2. Your memory
  3. Position
  4. Patience
  5. Bankroll

Know The Rules

One of the worst things you can do when starting a tournament or placing bets on Razz is that you are playing a game that you have no clue how to play. The rules are simple, and if you understand poker games, then it should not be that bad. There are a few quick things to remember about Razz:

  • The lowest possible hand will be the winning hand
  • Aces are low cards
  • Very similar to seven card stud when it comes to structure and betting
  • It is a fixed limit game
  • Keep an eye on eights or lower when dealt

Your Memory

When the cards are dealt, and you get to see the face-up ones, it is important to try and remember some of them if you can. For new players, try to remember cards eight or lower.

This way, you will know the cards that your opponents will not have and give you an idea for betting later on.

The key here is to know which cards are dead or live. You do not want to get burned because you were too lazy to remember that some cards are still live, and you bet too heavy on your hands.

On the flip side, you also are leaving money out there when you are not remembering the dead cards.


Your position on the cards dealt matters down the line. You can take advantage of the situation when your opponent gets dealt a bad card.

Let’s say you and your opponent are on “fifth street” and have similar hands. Then they get dealt a bad card, and you get a good one, so this would be a good time to bet.

It is also good to keep in mind your aggression here at this point. If everything is clicking for you when you have a good hand, then the right bets will prove that you mean business. Not necessarily bluffing, but a strong hand deserves a good bet.


Razz has the potential to turn into a frustrating game, especially if you are used to playing seven card stud and have those rules down pat. It is important to stay calm and maybe even practice this game online or at home before going to the casino.

Remember not to get ahead of yourself when making your hand. You may have a few good cards at first, but you need at least five good ones before you make a decent bet for yourself.


Before beginning a tournament or a game of Razz, you must make sure you have the money you can afford to lose. Money management is key to being able to play these games appropriately without harming yourself.

If you are unsure of anything, it is best you take the time to practice your skills and work on managing your money. Also, do not make bets that are ridiculously high or bet too often when you do not have the hand to support it.