Rebuy Poker Tournament Strategy

Rebuy Poker Tournament is one of the formats and styles of poker tournaments. The tournaments offer the opportunity to amass chips in large amounts early and generally take several hours before getting a result. Rebuy poker tournaments are ideal for players who are interested in having a lengthy online gaming session.

Rebuy tournaments present tournament players with a unique chance to play and enjoy a more relaxed poker mode whereby the effects of a bad beat are usually not as dire as in the old-style freezeout tournaments.

What is a rebuy poker tournament?

In a layman’s term, a rebuy poker tournament lets tournament players purchase and accumulate more chips at the game’s initial stages. Unlike in the regular game, in a rebuy poker tournament, for every player who happens to lose their chips is automatically eliminated from the tournament. However, you will still be allowed to buy back in. Now that you know what rebuy poker tournament is let’s look at how it works.

How does it work?

Generally, the poker rebuy period typically lasts for about an hour, and rebuys are not permitted after. During the normal rebuy period, a tournament player can rebuy in severally. Also, an unlimited number may be available. So, before playing, you should check this piece of information first.

If one or more rebuy is available, you may utilize it before losing all the chips in your possession. If the stack you have is equal to or less than the original starting stacks, you can simply rebuy if you aren’t in hand. The payouts and prize pool for the tournament’s ultimate winners are only announced after the expiry of the rebuy time. This is because the prize pool usually increases from the start of the game to the end. The cost and the original buy-in are usually the same.

Example: Let’s assume that you have 3000 as your starting stacks. In this case, you will be able to purchase more chips provided, your overall chip count is below or at 3000.

Rebuy poker tournament strategy

As a player, you may want to build a great stack as early as possible by using many rebuys. If you are such a player, then your play is supposed to be looser than normal. Your strategy will be depending on the rest of the entire table.

For instance, when the table is tight, it means that you can go on and play a very wide range freely with little opposition. On the other hand, if the table turns into an all-in-fest, as in the opposite of the first instance, you need to be somehow selective, even though any hands with a few suited connectors or broadway cards should unquestionably be pushed and the typical monster hands.

The general rule of thumb is that the fewer the rebuys a player is willing and ready to make during the game, the tighter they should usually play. If you see that the rest of the table is all action, you should consider waiting for when you finally hit that AK, JJ, QQ, KK, or AA, and then you can now play it harder.

This is usually great, especially if you are lucky to hit any of these hands early. However, if you must wait for a while, you may end up finding yourself very far away behind the regular or average chip stack. This is because the average chip stack in a rebuy will be considerably higher than in a freezeout. Like with any other poker tournament, if you have a chip stack of about ten or less big blinds, you will have to either fold or push as that is the only option you have at such a point.