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Round The World Betting Strategy

If you have been on a lookout for a variation of draw games, you might be in luck. Round The World is a simple yet engaging variation of a draw game but with limited use of the deck if there are not a lot of players.

The game is best when played with more than three players, but it is not absolutely required. The game itself has rules that follow typical draw games and the use of community cards.

Top Tips For Round The World Betting

When making a strategy for Round The World, it would be best to have some common tips for the game. The game does not require a lot of complex information, as it is simple to learn and follow along.

The best tips for the game are knowing the rules, best hands to have, knowing when to bluff, and watching your money.

Knowing The Rules

If you have played any variation of a draw game or the use of community cards, then the rules for this game will be very straightforward and easy to follow. If not, do not worry as the game plays very smoothly.

Everyone playing will be dealt four cards, and four cards will be dealt face down on the table in the middle. A round of betting will begin before the dealing and after everyone looks at their cards.

After a round of betting, one card will be flipped over from the ones in the middle of the table. Then rounds of betting will follow once each card is flipped over.

After all of the cards have been flipped over, the final round of betting will take place. The goal now is to make the best five-card hand out of the four in your hand and the four on the table. It does not matter which amount of cards you use to make your hand, as long as it is five cards.

Best Hands To Have

As with any poker game, the ranking of the cards has not changed for this variation. So, a high card is still the lowest hand, and a royal flush is the best hand to have.

Since this game is reliant upon the community cards, the best hand to have will vary each round. Similar to Texas Hold’em, you will have to watch what is on the table and what hands you can make. Simply put, you probably want a hand that is better than just a pair or two pair.

Knowing When To Bluff

Since this game flows similar to Texas Hold ’em in the way of community cards, you need to know how your opponents are going to play. When favorable cards appear on the table to complement your hand, then the betting will be easy for you.

However, if you have a decent hand such as a two pair, you could bluff along, especially when most players have folded. This all depends too on what is on the table at the moment.

You can bluff when the cards on the table are not amounting to anything. Of course, if you see a pair on the table, the odds are that your opponent will have a third card to complete a three of a kind, and you should not bluff here.

Watching Your Bankroll

Finally, you need to watch your money here. As with any game, you never want to run out of money, but you need to prepare for it in case of a bad day gambling or a really good opponent.

Keeping money set aside that you can afford to lose is the best way to approach this. Use money that is expendable and not ones you need for bills or food.