Rush Poker Strategy

Rush Poker is an exciting form of poker where you join a large pool of players. It works differently such that for every time you fold, you are moved to a different table immediately. There is no wait time between when you fold and when you are dealt another hand.

Strategies in Rush Poker

Do Not Multi Table

This is not advised, except if you are a very experienced multi-table player. The game on its own is very fast-paced which means that you will have your hands full even at one table. Playing multi-table in a game like this will put you under a lot of pressure that will inadvertently lead to poor decision making.

Steal from the Button

Because of the nature of the game, a lot of players are eager to fold even without seriously considering the position they are in. It can be profitable for you if you make a raise to steal the blinds if you are sat on the button. This move has a higher success rate than in regular poker because of the nature of Rush Poker. Also, there is no need to show strength here. In the reverse of this situation, there is no need for you to defend your blind as you have no message of “sturdiness” to pass across to other players because the players keep changing.

Play Only Premium Hands

Folding with marginal or low-quality hands is common considering the format of Rush Poker. This is an indication that you should only play premium hands. A-A, K-K, Q-Q should be played confidently as they are premium hands. A-K, A-Q, and other medium pairs such as 9-9 should be played with extreme caution as it is likely to face premium hands more often from opponents. Be extremely cautious when getting involved with others who seem to be holding good cards.

Study Your Opponents

You might ask what the necessity of this is owing to the fact it’s been stated that you play against a random pool each time. However, you should note that you are playing against random players who are selected from the same pool. That means there is a likelihood that you might play against the same opponent at different times during a session. Knowing your opponents can help you spot a trait and help you make better decisions in a future hand.

Rush Poker Tips

Pay no Attention to Hands per Hour Argument

Rush poker is for those that want the game to move on quickly. Those that are in search of more hands per hour should stick to regular poker.

Stack Size

The stack size of a player is one of the ways you can get a tell on a player. Weaker players are known to have a stack size of less than 100 BB’s. Knowing this will help you make better decisions at the poker table.

Rush poker can be beneficial for players who do not like to wait after a fold. The action is fast, and if you play in a way that maximizes your chances, you can take advantage of the format and come out with some nice winnings.