Sam Soverel

Sam Soverel is a 30 years old poker player known for his prowess in No-Limit Hold’em game. He has won the Poker High Roller of 2018, British Poker Open of Poker Masters in 2019, among other titles. Sam has a career winning of $13.2 million from live tournaments he’s participated in. He comes from Florida but is currently residing in Las Vegas.

Although he is at 51st position on the All Time Money List, he is fourth in Florida and a good player overall. Below is a look at where he started, his poker winnings, and the future.

The Life History of Sam

Sam was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, in America. His interest in games began when he was still young specifically when he was in grade 6. At that time, he had hernia surgery after which he had to remain home until fully recovered. That when he gained interest in video games.

Later he started to play chess, StarCraft, and Poker. He played the three games until poker took over. His friends joined him to play poker for fun and sometimes for money, especially the $10 sit-n-go. During one of his home games, Sam cut his tooth. It was somehow a good thing because he turned to online poker, which has earned him lots of money today. He, however, couldn’t play under his names because Sam was not yet of legal age. But that didn’t stop him. He used his father’s name from the age of 16 to play.

He would deposit $10 and roll it to $1,000. He this severally until he ran into trouble trying to cash out. He relaxed from playing poker until his second year in university when his friends called him back to poker playing.

Soverel could play anyone. He traveled far and wide to find casino hosting poker games. This, however, tired him because he had to live by suitcase ready to travel to the next poker event. He thus decided to settle in Las Vegas in 2012, where their poker games events were consistent.

Sam’s Total Poker Winnings

Sam has not always taken the first position in poker games he participates in. But he is mostly among those who get paid. In a poker masters series of 2019, Sam was fifth in the first event, fourth in the ninth event, and led at the end of the series. Been among the winners in various poker events has made him a total winning of $13,712,877.

His best live cash he got is $1,024,364, which he got from $98,000 +$2,000 No-Limit Hold’em buy-in of 2016. He took position one and thus was the Super High Roller title-holder of 2016.

His Recent Winnings

Sam Soverel has played online poker for money and fun since 2011. He majorly participates in renowned live poker tournaments and has managed to cash in many times. In 2011, Sam played the World Poker Tour in Orange Park and finished fourth, earning $200,000 in cash.

In 2012, he participated for the first time in the World Series of Poker and finished at 81 and earning $80,000. This was his first win at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He has also won a bracelet in the WSOP of 2016, sat at the final table of WPT LA Poker Classic in Los Angeles, and more events. By 2019, Sam is the record winner of the Rio All-Suite Hotel, having pocketed 17 wins from the hotel.

What’s the Future for Sam Soverel?

Live poker tournaments brought Soverel into the media limelight. He, however, don’t want to play poker for a living when he is 70. While he played competitively in the past, today, Sam is selective on which events to play.

He is worried about how poker professionals treat amateurs and look forward to when this might change. He dreams of a better poker environment for players in the future. He is one of the most looked up to players, especially among other poker players.