Satellite Tournament

There are different types of poker tournaments. These include the rebuy, turbo, freezeout, guarantee, and one you’ll read about here – the satellite tournament.

A satellite tournament is one where an event qualifies you for a bigger game. Usually, players enter into the satellite tournament with, for example, $10. So, if ten people enter the contest, $100 will be generated. If these players are playing satellite to win an entry into a game that requires $30buy-in, the top three winners will get a $30 ticket into that tournament.

So will you be among the winners or losers? How do you beat the game? Here is why satellite is worth it and the strategies that make it an asset.

Is Playing Satellite Tournament Worth It?

Take, for example, the World Series of Poker Circuit satellite – you’ll buy-in with $65 to win a $365 ticket. So seven players have to play for one winner to get the qualifying ticket amount of $365. Typically, you have one out of seven chances to become the qualifying seat holder. You might have to play the satellite tournament several times before you’re among the top qualifier.

So is it still worth it?

If you follow factual strategies, you can win the seat to the next level contest. Which are these strategies?

5 Top Strategies for Winning Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are a good way of playing even bigger matches and meeting professional poker players. But, you will have to be ingenious about it. Here’s how:

1. Register Early

You can register into the satellite even up to the first hour of the tournament. But, registering late disadvantages you especially if you have a big stacked edge. Why? Only the first stages allow deep stacks. Also, if you don’t know your pre-flop shove range, you need to get in the game early enough.

2. Stay Alive

Every player follows a specific style while playing poker. You might be curious to use the same strategy to play satellite poker, but this could be a huge mistake. Instead, your goal should be to stay alive or remain in the game as long as you could. Save chips, chip up safely and only when you have to. Remember, a satellite tournament is not like any other poker tournament – you’ll need a different approach.

3. Handle Bubble Stage Carefully

Suppose you’re 100 players, and the game requires ten winners. Don’t start to bubble when players are still 100. Instead, you should wait until you’re about 15 players. At this stage, every player who wants to win will play carefully. So you’ll realize those with big stacks are choosing where to play – going for small wins. Ideally, those with the biggest stacks are assured of a seat/winning. But, don’t use your many stacks carelessly because it takes one mistake and you’re out.

4. Fold Pocket Aces or Not

Folding pocket aces is not for everyone. It’s for those with the big stacks. Yet, it’s still not wise to fold pocket aces when you’re 100 percent sure you’ll win a seat. For example, if 11 players are still playing and ten will qualify, you don’t have to fold if you have a big stack. It would work with any other tournament but not a satellite.

5. Don’t Stake All Your Bankroll

Be smart about what to stake. In other words, only risk a maximum of 3 percent of your bankroll in a satellite tournament.

Ready to take your poker gaming to the next level? Practice the above tips and starting winning. You only have to change what you’ve been doing and have an open mind. Good luck!