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Sevens Take All Poker Strategy

Sevens take all is another popular variation of seven-card stud. Following the same guidelines as seven-card stud, you have a slight change in rules for this one.

One change is that you are going to want to have a pair of sevens. You are still trying to make the best five-card hand possible, but a pair of sevens is going to be your highest ranking hand.

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Top Five Tips For Sevens Take All Betting

If you are not familiar with a standard game of seven-card stud, it is in your best interest to learn that beforehand just so the transition to this one is easier for you. The rules are fairly the same, just the minor differences noted above. The top five tips for sevens take all are:

  1. Understand the rules and hand ranks
  2. When to bet
  3. What has been played
  4. Final card options
  5. Money situation

Understand The Rules And The Hand Ranks

Your first step for sevens take all is to get familiar with the slight rule changes. In your typical poker hands, you have a guideline of card rankings, so we know what beats what.

So, for example, if you have a pair of twos and your opponent has a pair of fours, they win. If you have a full house and your opponent has a four of a kind, they win again.

However, no matter what your opponent has for this game, if you have a pair of sevens, you automatically win. This is what makes this game particularly unique.

Each stud game also has variations in cards being dealt. For this one, it is typically two cards face down, and then one card dealt face up after each betting round. Your final card will be either face up or down, depending on your preference.

When To Bet

For the start of this game, you are dealt two cards face down. Once that is completed, everyone will have a chance to bet. Then, betting resumes after each round of one card face up per round per person.

You should keep betting at a steady pace since this game has several rounds of gameplay. Remember, you are trying to create the best five cards. You only really hit the “jackpot” if you have a pair of sevens, but the odds are slim.

Your best interest is to see what you have after your third and fourth cards. If you do not have anything going, then at this point, the odds are against you, and you should fold.

Remember What Is Being Played

This game lets you have a decent idea of what cards are in play. Since each person will have two cards face down, the rest of the cards will be dealt face up. This way, you can see the entire table of cards.

If people start to fold their hands, you are going to have to try and remember what was on the table. If someone had a card you needed or if their hand complements another player, then that is something to keep in mind.

Final Card Option

In addition to remembering what was played and the betting rotation, you have the option for your final card to be dealt face up or down. I would always prefer the final card to be delivered face down since this gives you the advantage over the table trying to guess what you have.

Money Situation

Finally, for any poker you play, keeping a hold on your finances is the best bet you can make. No one wants to lose money, but betting it all away for the thrill is a serious matter. Betting responsibly is key.