Online Poker Table Selection

Over the years, players have understood more the importance of table selection, and thus have done better in practice. This was a strange concept in the mid-’00s, but it has come a long way since then. Choosing the right table is the very next step (after choosing an online poker site) you need to take towards increasing your winning potential. Strategy wise, sitting at the best seat at the table or sitting at a table with weaker opponents can be the difference between winning and losing in poker. This is almost as important as selecting the most suitable online poker room.

Tips for Table Selection

Watch the Lobby

Table selection does not only happen at the start of your session. So, even as you are currently in a game, never stop seeking out favorable tables in the lobby. You need to be honest about the profitability of your current table and should waste no time in switching when you have to. Another reason that might require you to switch tables is player change. If any player(s) from your current table leave and new one(s) enter, this could adversely affect who you have a position on and your winning potential.

Start Tables

Finding the perfect table can be difficult. Most times, the ideal solution to this is to sit at an entirely new one. Weak players do not care about who they sit with but just want to get going with the game. However, it is possible that stronger players might have marked you as strong and will steer clear of your table.

Do not Allow Aggressive Players Have Position on You

Seasoned poker players know that it’s always advantageous to act last. It is al the more important when you have to contest pots against aggressive players. When betting with players that like to put a lot of money on the tale, being in a good position will help give you control of the size of the pot.

Dos and Don’ts


Take Note of Time

Understandably, you need some time to make decisions relating to playing or placing bets. However, doing this at every turn will give you out as a fish and will put a target on your back. Try to make decisions a bit faster always.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Never show that you’ve been dealt a good or bad hand. Always act in control at the table. Whatever emotion you put on show can be used against you.

Play Your Best Hand

Do not hesitate to always play your best hand at any opportunity you get. Always doing that will give you a better chance of winning.


Always Bluff Your Way Out

Newbies often think this is the way to go but that is wrong. Professionals will catch on quickly if you do this and clean you out in no time.

Berate Other Players

Even as you are looking to make some money, an online table should first be fun before anything else. No one likes a bully so it is a terrible idea to berate other players because of time wastage, bad move, or for whatever reason at all.

Ignoring the table selection process is a huge mistake. This might be the sole reason you never win at an online poker game. Big poker money comes from playing against weaker opponents, which can only achieve that when you place yourself at the right table. You can go as far as moving through different online casino sites in search of the best table for you.

Great Sites to Play In

Some highly recommended sites you can play poker at are and These sites have been around for a combined 30 plus years and in that time, have gained the trust of US bettors. It is a good idea to first visit these sites in search of tables as your chances of getting a good table will be higher.