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Three Card Knock Betting Strategy

Three card knock is another variation of three card poker. The same rules generally apply to this form of three card poker. If you are unfamiliar with these variations, do not sweat, because you are about to know the details of this fun and fast-paced poker game.

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Top Tips For Three Card Knock Betting Strategy

In making a plan for betting or playing poker, you are going to need to have a strategy. One that will benefit you in the long run and helps you have a better understanding of the game. The top tips of three card knock poker include:

  • Know the rules
  • Best hands to knock
  • Bluffing
  • Watch your bankroll

Know The Rules

In three card knock, the rules are very similar to three card poker. However, this game will differ from others since it has the name “knock” in it. First, everyone bets whatever the determined amount is, but it should hopefully be a smaller amount, and you will see why below.

The game can be played with three or more players, and is actually at its best when you have five or more. Everyone is dealt three cards face down, and then three more will be dealt face up in the middle of the table. There are no wilds and no extra cards or draws; it’s just a game of luck each hand.

The cards in the middle are NOT community cards. These are more of a “ghost” or a “dummy hand” to gauge the strength of your hand. You are simply looking to see if you can beat the dummy hand.

If you can beat the dummy hand, then you would knock on the table when the table goes in order. If you cannot, you would then fold your hand. The dummy hand is of importance, as you see below.

If no one knocks with you, then you show your hand that you can beat the dummy hand and win the pot. If someone else or multiple people knock, then there is a showdown with the people still in and another betting round if everyone chooses to ante or check.

The loser, or losers if more than one person knocked, have to match the pot on the table. This is where betting should hopefully be done in small amounts at a time since this pot can get large very quickly. The pot goes back down once someone wins “cleanly” with no one knocking.

Best Hands To Knock

To keep this simple, you want to have a pair in your hand. For the best and safest possible betting scenario, you are looking to have at least a jack pair or better. Having a pair of sixes or better is a moderate form of playing too when only one or two people are still in.

Obviously, if you have three of a kind, no matter if it is all twos, try not to break the table in half when you knock. This will pretty much guarantee a win of the pot for you.


If you want to lose all the time, then go ahead and bluff your hand. This game is one where you either have a good hand or do not.

The only exception is if you are the last player to play, and everyone else has folded, and you can beat the dummy hand. Never knock just on a high card hand because odds are, someone will have a weak or better pair that will while you out.

Watch Your Bankroll

As noted above, the pot has the potential to get rather large. In a blink of an eye, it can go from dollars to hundreds of dollars if multiple players keep knocking and losing.

As such, you want to make sure you can afford to lose a lot of money. This game is mostly rather luck and decision making at best, so you need to stay disciplined on your knocks.