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Three Card Poker Strategy

Playing three card poker is a quick and exciting card game. Fortunately, you do not have to remember a lot of rules, and you can keep a clear mind when you are thinking about your strategy.

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Five Tips For Three Card Poker

  1. Learn The Rules
  2. Know Your Bankroll
  3. Avoid The Temptation
  4. Play Two At One Time
  5. Practice Online

Learn The Rules

The point of this game is to beat the dealer with the three cards in your hand. A rule of thumb is to at least have something like a Q-6-4 to bet on. If you have a Q-7, then the third card does not matter as much.

If you have an Ace or King, that is also another scenario you should want to bet on. You want to have the best high card or a pair of something. If you have Jacks or lower as a high card in your hand, it is best to fold these.

If the variation of the three card poker you are playing allows you to see one of the dealer’s cards, then this helps your odds tremendously compared to before. This will help mitigate your losses, especially if you know the dealer has a King, and your highest card is a Queen.

Know Your Bankroll

Whether you are coming into the game new or experienced, it is important to understand how much money you have and how much you are willing to lose. Even though the odds of this game are a little better than most other poker games, you still want to come out ahead.

This game moves fairly quickly, so small increments in bets would be most beneficial if you do not have a lot to spend. If you find yourself losing too often, take a step away and come back to it later.

Avoid The Temptation

Many times players will attempt to try and count the cards or believe they have come up with a perfect strategy at guessing what cards will be coming. Do not let those temptations fool you and rely on the cards you visually see in your hand.

Also, attempting to bet on Jacks (or lower) as the high card is another temptation to avoid. This method of betting on Jacks has the most risk at losses, and you would only be squeezing in a few wins.

Only bet on Jacks or lower if you have a pair, flush, straight, straight flush or three of a kind. If you happen to have Queens or better with those scenarios, also bet on them.

Play Two At One Time

In keeping your win/loss record relatively even, it can be beneficial to sometimes play two three-card poker games at one time. To do this, you would play the Pair Plus and the Ante-Play bet on the same hand.

For example, if you have a pair of fours and the dealer has sevens, you win if you choose the Pair Plus wager, but then you lose the Ante-Play.

This is because the dealer’s pair is higher. You will find yourself in a win-win or a win-lose situation, but either way, you are in the black because you placed both wagers to help mitigate your loss.

Practice Your Luck Online

Before stepping into a casino or making official bets online, try your knowledge in a free online game of three card poker. This way, you will be able to test out your memory of the rules and other ways to help the game move along without you sitting there trying to remember what to do next.