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Two Plus One Poker Strategy

Poker fans that enjoy a three-card guts game can add another edition to their list. This game follows along just like a standard three-card guts.

If you have never played three-card guts, do not worry, as this poker strategy will help you follow along. There will be some tips and things to know before playing the game.

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Two Plus One Quick Tips

Before you begin playing, it would be beneficial to know some tips to help your strategy. As such, most poker players can attest to some of these tips.

Knowing how the game works is obviously a good one. Figuring out the best hands and watching your bankroll is another good few examples.

Finally, practicing your strategy could help you in the long run. By playing hands at home or with friends, this could help you build a winning strategy.

The Rules

This game plays just like three-card guts. So you are primarily just concerned with having the best three cards in your hand. Having a dummy hand is optional to try and beat, but it would take up three cards that could have been used in the game.

This game can be played with a handful of people, so it is best played with at least six or more. If you have less, do not worry, because it does not change the outcome of the game that much.

Keep in mind that with more players, the likelihood of your hand strength and the size of the pot will be much different than if you and four players or so.

Players will put their initial ante in the pot. Then two cards will be dealt. There is a betting round right after the first two cards are dealt. However, this betting round is for players who want to see their third card and continue on to the showdown.

At this point, players can fold their hands without having to bet to see their third card. Once players declare being in or out, the ante will take place, and they will receive their third card.

Finally, after getting their third card, there is another betting round. Players should keep in mind the importance of having a good hand because the loser(s) must match the pot. The best three-card hand wins.

Best Hands

Since this game is limited to having a lot of cards being dealt to you, there are not many opportunities to see what your hand is going to look like. The hand strengths are as follows: high card, pair, and three of a kind.

For this game, it would be ideal to at least have a pair when staying in the game. Depending on how many other people are playing and who have folded, this could potentially get by with a weaker hand.

Any pair that is sixes or better is typically a great start. However, some lower strength hands that are pairs have the potential to win if your opponent went in bluffing.


This game could easily tear up your bankroll if you are not careful. There are not a lot of betting rounds, but the matching of the pot is a huge deal if the previous bet were huge or if a lot of people are playing.

So in that regard, you will most likely need to plan ahead. Stay conservative with your bets and stick to a budget. You can often stay at a steady pace and come out ahead in the long run if you can manage to win some of the bigger pots.