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Two Thirds Betting Strategy

Seven card stud fans will be pleased when they hear about Two Thirds if they have not played it already before. The game is similar to the style of seven card stud but ultimately has a unique twist during the showdown.

If you are new to playing stud games, do not worry. These types of games are usually easier to follow along and rely upon the strength of your hands versus having a full-proof strategy.

Top Tips For Two Thirds Betting

When playing this game, it would help if you had some tips for making the game play as smooth as possible. These tips also will provide you with an opportunity to prevent you from making rookie mistakes.

The top tips for playing Two Thirds is knowing how to play, should you bluff, and your bankroll.

Knowing How To Play

The game follows along as a traditional seven card stud. So, everyone will be dealt two cards face down and eventually there will be four more cards dealt face up. Then, the final fifth card will be dealt face down.

In total, if everyone is still in, there will be seven cards. You will use these cards to make the best five-card hand possible to win the pot.

The trick to this game is that you must meet two out of three requirements to win the pot. These requirements are as follows:

  • The best hand
  • The lowest spade in the hole (face-down cards)
  • The highest spade in the hole

For example, say you have 7, 7, 3, 5, 9, 2, K blended with different suits, and the 5 is a face-down card but is also a spade. For this situation, you would be going into a showdown with a pair of 7s, and you would also meet the requirements of having a spade as a hole card.

By using this example, you would only lose your hand if your opponent had a combination of a better scenario, such as a lower spade in the hole and a better hand. If no one can come up with two out of three, the pot will be rolled over to the next hand.


When playing this game, some players might want to try and bluff or appeal to other players that their hand is either better or worse than what it is. Bluffing is a great tactic to play poker.

However, this game might not make a ton of sense when bluffing. Since you need to meet two out of three requirements in the showdown, bluffing your way along could actually hurt you rather than help you.

When trying to bluff a great hand, you could simply keep your bets low and have the flow of the game at a nice pace. Do not overbet or try to make it noticeable that you have a good hand. As far as a bad hand, there is no point in continuing to bet on a losing hand.


This game requires a lot of moving cards and betting rounds. The maximum is seven players, so there are a lot of people potentially betting. Each round could potentially have bets that are higher because of someone betting too much, or just your normal checks or raises.

This means you need to watch how your money is being played. There are at least five betting rounds, so you need to make sure you have enough money to cover these types of bets and the potential to put in more money when the time is right.