Boulder City

With the spectacular Lake Mead and Black Canyon close by, Boulder City is an ideal place to unwind. Located just 25 miles outside of Las Vegas, Boulder City offers plenty of entertainment for those seeking a slower pace of life to the glamor and glitz of Las Vegas.

The History of Boulder City

Boulder City was originally built to house workers who constructed the Hoover Dam during the early 1930s. It was erected as a model city at the time and represented the economic and social growth of the United States during the Great Depression. Once the dam was completed in 1936, the workers remained in the city and began to build a close-knit community – one which still exists today.

In 1933, Boulder City began to expand beyond a place that simply housed workers. The Boulder Dam Hotel was built in 1933 to host United States presidents and government representatives who visited the area to inspect the progression of the Hoover Dam. But the hotel has since become a tourist landmark situated in the heart of Boulder City with celebrities, such as Henry Fonda and Shirley Temple, visiting here in the past.

Boulder City has expanded its borders over time and grown into a popular tourist destination outside of Las Vegas. In 1995, the city purchased 150 square miles of land spanning across the Nevada and Arizona desert, which expanded the potential to provide outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy whilst visiting Boulder City.

These natural spots surrounding the city include Lake Mead, Black Canyon and vast open areas of terrain where golf courses, mountain bike trails, zip-line excursions, boating and many other outdoor activities can be enjoyed by visitors.

Four reasons to visit Boulder City

A city steeped in history

Due to its unique location next to the Hoover Dam, Boulder City has an interesting history. A local community, which has established itself over 90 years, make the city itself a unique place to explore. Family owned restaurants, antique shops, and locally created art add to the pleasant and welcoming nature of Boulder City. Information on the history of the city can be seen at the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, which is situated on the first floor of the historic Boulder Dam Hotel. The museum tells the story of the brave men and women who built the Hoover Dam and established Boulder City as their own home during the Great Depression.

The world’s most famous dam

Those with an enthusiasm for the history of the United States and the Depression-era will be able to visit the Hoover Dam to find out more about how this engineering feat was built. Tours across the 840-foot-high dam are available for visitors willing to brave the lofty heights above the Colorado River.

Outdoor exploration of Nevada

Spending time outdoors in the beautiful Nevada terrain is a big appeal of Boulder City’s unique location. Three golf courses are situated within a short distance of the city and offer both nine and 18-hole rounds. Lake Mead, the United States’ largest man-made reservoir, provides the opportunity for water lovers to kayak, canoe or swim. Cruises and boat excursions also set off from the shorelines of the lake, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the 700-mile long reservoir.

A thrill-seekers paradise

For those looking for a more hair-raising experience, the Bootleg Canyon mountain bike trail takes visitors through a scenic, yet testing, a route across the surrounding Nevada hills. For a slower-paced journey, hikers and climbers can follow the River Mountains Loop Trail through Boulder City and into the Nevada desert. To see the desert from a really unique viewpoint, expert-led zip-line experiences offer visitors the chance to soar above the sand and hills at 50 miles per hour!


Where can I stay in Boulder City?

There are many hotels, motels, and RV campsites in or near Boulder City. The Boulder Dam Hotel is located in the center of Boulder City while the Hoover Dam Lodge is located inside the Lake Mead Recreation area, making it an ideal location for those visiting for the outdoor excursions. Nine motels and inns are also dotted around the city and camping and RV sites with modern amenities are available in Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.

How do I book a tour of the Hoover Dam?

Tours for the Hoover Dam can be booked via the Bureau of Reclamation. Guided and self-guided tours are available for visitors while tours of the power plant itself can also be booked.

Where can I find more information on booking a bike, water, hiking, or zip-line experiences?

As there are many hiking, biking, and climbing routes, information on each trail can be accessed by calling specific telephone numbers in advance of a trip. Zip-line tours can be booked through the Flightlinez company. For cruises, kayaking, canoeing, or river and boat cruises, there is a range of companies operating within the Lake Mead Recreation area. Lake Mead itself is open 24 hours a day all year round, but tours and companies may operate on separate hours.

Where is Boulder City Located? How can I get there?

Boulder City is easily accessible by car. Various routes can be followed from nearby cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. The Boulder City Express is an alternative route for those without a car. This shuttle bus can be taken from the Las Vegas Strip or from downtown Vegas at various times throughout the day for a $25.00 return.