Caesars Palace Hotel Review

Established In: 1966
Former Names: None
Owner: Vici Properties
Number of Rooms:3,960
Location: Las Vegas Boulevard at Flamingo Road

One of the most iconic names and façades in the history of Las Vegas has to be the Roman columns and stylings of Caesars Palace. A fixture on the Las Vegas Strip since the 1960s, so many major events have happened at this hotel over the decades that it is surely the one hotel everyone knows regardless of their affinity for gambling. The hotel has seen a lot of changes and modifications over the years, and still stands as one of the most popular destinations in all of Vegas.

A brief history of Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace was first constructed in 1966, with the concept to deliver to guests the feeling of what it was like to live a lavish lifestyle in the Roma Empire. When the hotel was opened, guests were in awe of the design both inside and outside the resort, and it is felt that this was the official start of the new wave of themed luxury resorts in the city.

Of all the historical events that have taken place at Caesars Palace, perhaps the most iconic was when Evil Knievel attempted to jump the famous fountains on a motorcycle soon at the hotel opened in 1967. This event was broadcast on national television, but the daredevil did not land the jump successfully, instead going over the handlebars and injuring himself enough that he was in a coma for 29 days before recovering.

Frank Sinatra is, without a doubt, the most celebrated entertainer to have been signed to perform at Caesars Palace, having done so in 1967. However, he had a falling out with the hotel over his gambling and left before his run had expired. He and the casino made up, however, and Sinatra was a fixture at the property into the 1980s.

Gaming at Caesars Palace

With all the opulent décor in the hotel, you may forget to look down and see a huge gaming floor at Caesars Palace. The casino is very spread out over the main floor of the resort, so you may not realize that, in fact, there are over 120,000 square feet of gaming space available for you. This includes several different table games pits offering over 150 tables for players to seat themselves. There are also over 1,400 slot machines, although that number doesn’t seem high compared to many other casinos on the Strip. The end result is a gaming area where players do not feel cramped and one where the many passers-by can take in the ambiance without being a hindrance to those playing.

Top 3 Suites at Caesars Palace

With a lavish Roman theme, you can imagine that the rooms at Caesars Palace are just as luxurious. While there are several towers offering different types of accommodation, there is a handful of suites that you should check out if you are considering living like an emperor during your stay.

Octavius Tower Penthouses

These luxurious suites are meant for those looking to pamper themselves during their visit to Las Vegas. With a dining table for ten people and a huge living area, you can easily entertain your group in this incredible suite. However, when it is time to relax, you will appreciate the steam shower in the master bathroom, which will make you feel like the spa has come to your suite.

Palace Premium Suite

These affordable suites will give you enough room to stretch out, entertain a few friends, and a great view of the Las Vegas Strip outside. These rooms start at 1,400 square feet and can increase in size by adding an adjoining bedroom. There is ample seating in the living area along with a full wet bar.

Forum Tower Duplex Suite

If it feels like you have seen this suite before, it is because you likely have. This room has been used in several film and television productions, with its incredible views of the Strip. There are three different seating areas in the suite, and with the ability to add up to two more adjacent rooms, this truly is the way to take Las Vegas by storm!

Top 3 Dining Options at Caesars Palace

There are so many places to eat at Caesars Palace with the addition of the Forum Shops that we could dedicate an entire site to your dining experience at this hotel. However, we will stick to a highlight package for you here.

Rao’s Las Vegas

If you are looking for incredible Italian cuisine with history, the Rao’s is for you! This is the Las Vegas version of the legendary New York restaurant of the same name, which has been open in NYC since 1896. The Rao’s in Las Vegas is much larger, so it won’t be nearly as difficult to get a table, but when you sit down, you will have an intimate experience. The food is amazing, and the wine selection is one of the best in the city.

Mesa Grill

This is the signature restaurant in Las Vegas from Bobby Flay. The celebrity chef brings all if his favorite flavors from the Southwest together in an amazing display of culinary delights, right in the middle of the gaming action. This is a great spot to be seen at Caesars, so make sure to get a table by the window.

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

The celebrity chef from England has made his mark in the United States, mainly off the back of his hit reality television show Hell’s Kitchen. Designed to look just like the set where the show is filmed, you will be transported into the event with red and blue teams cooking up your favorite of Chef Ramsay’s recipes. This restaurant is located right out on Las Vegas Boulevard and fills up fast, so make sure you have a reservation before you make your way to Las Vegas.

The One Thing You Can’t Miss at Caesars Palace

There are so many things to check out at Caesars Palace, but if there is one thing we would say that you have to see before you leave, it is the luxurious pool area. Take an afternoon to settle in and relax on one of the pool chairs, or book a cabana for a truly decadent experience. The design is spectacular, with Roman columns coming out of the pool, and as you lay there sipping a cocktail, you will feel like you are in the Roman baths of old.