Casino Royale Review

Established In: 1978
Former Names: Nob Hill Hotel and Casino
Owner: Tom Elardi
Number of Rooms: 152
Location: Las Vegas Boulevard, south or Venetian

Las Vegas prides itself on being the Entertainment Capital of the World – there is something for everyone, no matter your taste or your budget. This can be applied to the Las Vegas Strip as well. While over the years, the size and the luxury of the mega-resorts have continued to increase, there are still pockets of areas where the budget-conscious traveler can experience everything Las Vegas has to offer. This is exactly where the Best Western Casino Royal fits into the equation. Not built for luxury at all, there is still a full hotel and casino right on Las Vegas Boulevard for you to explore, which is why we have compiled this short review of the property.

A brief history of Casino Royale

Opened in 1978 as Nob Hill Hotel and Casino, this property was one of many hotels and motels that were built next to what was the Sands Hotel and Resort. Over the years, the other properties have been demolished, leaving this one as the only one standing, with a street-front right on Las Vegas Boulevard.

In 1992, after the lease expired on Nob Hill and it subsequently closed, Tom Elardi bought the casino and reopened it under the name Casino Royal, which remains to this day. There have been several renovations to the property over the years, including the demolition of one area to build a two-floor eatery and Walgreens. In 2013, the property was rebranded as a result of a partnership with the Best Western hotel chain. Despite all the massive growth around it, Casino Royal remains a respite for the lower-budget Las Vegas patron.

Gaming at Casino Royale

Accessible right from the street on Las Vegas Boulevard, the casino at Casino Royale is nowhere near as luxurious as many of the surrounding resorts. With the windows open to the outside, the air conditioning has to be pumping full blast to keep gamblers cold, which in turn can leave a lingering odor. However, the gaming space at Casino Royale is a ton of fun! The casino is 17,000 square feet in size, with 340 slot machines and 15 table games. These games feature some of the lowest limits on the Strip, so they can get pretty crowded. If you are lucky enough to grab a seat, hold on to it for as long as you can!

Top 3 Suites at Casino Royale

The hotel was built several decades ago, and even though there have been some renovations to the property and to the rooms specifically, there are no suites available at the Best Western Casino Royale. What you will find, however, are clean rooms at incredibly low rates compared to other hotels on the Strip. If you are the kind of Las Vegas traveler that uses their room only as a place to shower and lay your head down for a few hours, then this hotel may make a lot of sense to you.

Top 3 Dining Options at Casino Royale

When it comes to dining options, we wouldn’t suggest Casino Royale as a place you are going to find a Michelin-star restaurant. What you will encounter are some very good, inexpensive places to eat, which will get you back on your way to being entertained on the Strip.

Outback Steakhouse

The classic Australian-themed steakhouse is the top dining destination at Casino Royale. Stop in for a famous Bloomin’ Onion or one of their excellent streak dinners that won’t break the bank. Wash everything down with a cold beer, then be pleased with yourself when you see how low the check is when you are ready to pay!

White Castle

Yes, we are including a burger joint here. Why? Because it has been around on the other side of the country for 100 years, and now it is available on the Las Vegas Strip! These bite-sized burgers have been a staple of late-night eating for a century, and now that they are in Las Vegas, they are fuelling many a gambler on the way in or the way out.

The One Thing You Can’t Miss at Casino Royale

The one thing you can’t miss at Casino Royale is the casino itself. With the location being right on the Strip and the limits being as low as they are, this is one of the most entertaining places to gamble in all of Las Vegas! The drinks are flowing, and the people watching is extraordinary at this casino, day and night! Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, you should stop in for a drink on your way from resort to resort to take a break from all the overpriced food, drinks, and table games.