The LA Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club has entertained Las Vegas crowds for the past 13-years with eccentric performances, traditional stand-up, and comedy magic shows.

The longest-running comedy night in Sin City is now situated at the heart of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino after years of darting between venues along the strip. Here visitors will enjoy award-winning comedy from A-List celebrities, surprise guests, and budding acts in a traditional, intimate stand-up comedy venue where plenty of laughs are provided throughout the night.

The History of LA Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club was created in 2007 by three partners, Joaquin Trujillo, Matt Chavez, and Ezra Wohlgemuth. The trio had two simple aspirations: to grow the entertainment scene in Vegas beyond gambling and to provide a platform for new comedians to practice their routines.

Initially, the LA Comedy Club began as an improv night, which took place at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. From the outset, the club had a following of passionate, local fans who regularly attended shows and supported the club throughout the early years. This was essential in growing the reputation of the club, which is now one of the most renowned comedy nights in Vegas.

After a few years at the Palace Station, the club moved from pillar to post along the Las Vegas strip, taking up temporary residence at four more locations. It took nearly a decade for the club to find a permanent venue and the club eventually set up permanently at the Dragon Room, located inside the Stratosphere Hotel, in 2016.

The LA Comedy Club has found a home in the Dragon Room – a 160-seat space inside the Stratosphere, which was designed specifically for intimate comedy events. There are few frills at the LA Comedy Club, and the comedian is always the focal point. A small stage consists of just a microphone, a wooden stool, and a red-curtain back-drop, which adds to the traditional stand-up atmosphere.

Providing a platform for both established and up and coming performers continues to be an important goal for the LA Comedy Club founders. Although the likes of Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn have swapped their A-List lifestyles for the dark stage in the Dragon Room in the past, less experienced comics, like Aziz Ansari, Felipe Esparza, and Loni Love, have also been able to launch successful comedy careers after performing at the LA Comedy Club.

As a result of their long-standing presence in Sin City, the LA Comedy Club continues to attract a diverse crowd of regular, local people and tourists. In 2018, the club won the Best of Las Vegas, Best Comedy Club award.

Top reasons to Visit

Laugh Out Loud Comedy

There is plenty to keep everyone entertained at the LA Comedy Club. With so many different acts performing here over the past 13 years, from James Michael’s Red Neck Country Magic to Dave Attell’s off-color stand-up routine, there is plenty on offer to keep everyone laughing.

Celebrity Cameos

Despite the club’s low-key setting, well-known celebrities are known to walk in on a whim and perform for unassuming crowds at the LA Comedy Club. If you pick the right night, the likes of Will Ferrell could stroll on stage for a surprise set in the Dragon Room. The three partners, Trujillo, Chavez, and Wohlgemuth, are well connected in the comedy industry and celebrity cameo is never too far away at the LA Comedy Club.

Support for Aspiring Talent

The underlying philosophy to provide a platform for talented up and coming names in the comedy industry is central to the LA Comedy Club, who value the inexperienced comedians just as much as the A-list celebrities. New acts are regularly given free rein of the mic at the LA Comedy Club. Visitors could witness the next Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, or Louis C.K practicing their latest routine.

LA Comedy Club FAQ

Where is the LA Comedy Club located?

The LA Comedy Club is located inside the Dragon Room at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas. The club can be accessed via the second floor, retail level, of the hotel.

How much are the tickets?

There are three types of tickets available for the LA Comedy Club. General admission is priced at $39.95; VIP Admission is $59.95 and provides visitors with quick access to the venue and a choice of premium seating including booths and front row seats. VIP plus admission is priced at $79.95 and includes the premium bar package. All tickets add VAT and a service fee.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available to purchase on the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino website. Information on upcoming acts and set times are also available on the website so customers can choose which acts they want to see in advance.

What are the opening times of the LA Comedy Club?

The LA Comedy Club is open seven days a week, every evening of the year. Usually, there are three acts a day at different times (6 p.m, 8 p.m and 10 p.m). However, the number of acts may vary, with just one or two taking place on certain days.

How long is each act?

Acts typically remain on stage between 60 and 75 minutes per set.

Is there an age restriction for the LA Comedy Club?

Visitors must be aged 18 or over to enter the club. However, some acts have an age restriction of 21 and over. Any age restrictions are clearly highlighted on the Stratosphere website and individual tickets.