Ellis Island Casino and Brewery Review

Established In: 1967
Former Names: Village Pub
Owner: Gary Ellis
Number of Rooms: Zero (technically, they now own the Super 8 next door)
Location: Koval Lane, a block from the Strip

Las Vegas is a city that built its reputation on glitz and glamor, and these days the megaresorts up and down the Strip are a testament to what most people are expecting when their plane lands. However, there are some people for whom all of that translates into expensive meals and hotel stays, when all they want to do is gamble. This is where places like Ellis Island Casino and Brewery fit into the equation -a gambling hall with some great beers that is more for locals than tourists, but with a reputation that brings them in the doors regardless.

A brief history of Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

This location was originally called the Village Pub when it was built and opened by Frank Ellis and later take over by his son, Gary. The name was changed to Ellis Island in 1985, and the Village Pub was resurrected in other locations around Las Vegas in the mid-1990s.

The original layout was that of a pub with some gaming machines but by no means a full-scale casino. There was an expansion of the property in 1997 that doubled the size of the casino, expanding to over 400 slots and a handful of table games.

The brewery was established in 1993 and quickly grew to be one of the largest independent breweries in the region. With no hotel attached to the casino, the family finally purchased the Super 8 Motel that stands next to Ellis Island, although the two do not share comp programs like the casinos and hotels do all over the city.

Gaming at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

As we mentioned, the casino at Ellis Island has grown over the years, but at 25,000 square feet, it is still one of the smaller ones in all of Las Vegas. That doesn’t matter, though, because gambling almost seems secondary when you enter the facility! There is so much going on, and so many people are partying that the games are almost there for when people get bored! There are seven gaming tables currently, so those of you looking to play some low-limit blackjack are in luck. However, if you are looking for the service and glitz that comes from a casino on the Strip, this is not the place you want to visit.

Top 3 Suites at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

Ellis Island was not built as part of a hotel or resort, so the majority of its traffic is foot traffic. There are several small hotels and motels in the immediate area, and when the Super 8 Motel went up for sale in 2014, the company jumped on it and purchased it. The hotel has since been renovated, and while the rooms are indeed still the size of what Super 8 traditionally offers, the quality inside has improved dramatically.

There are only a dozen suites at the Ellis Island Hotel. Each of them offers guests a larger room with lots of great amenities, not the least of which is two growlers of their Ellis Island beer! Now that is the kind of perk you don’t normally find in any hotel room on the Strip. While this is by no means a luxury hotel, for the budget-conscious traveler, these rooms are perfect.

Top 3 Dining Options at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

Casual dining is the name of the game at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery. There are a few different options for eating, and here are the highlights:

The Front Yard

Opened in late 2019, The Front Yard is a brand new beer garden in the front of the Casino. This is a great spot for hanging out on the patio or sitting inside during the evening for a nice bite to eat. The menu features the typical American options, with some fun additions like sausage flights to pair with your beer flights!

Village Pub

Named as an homage to the original name from the 1960s, the Village Pub and Café is open all day and night to satisfy your hunger no matter when it strikes! There are always specials and good deals in this place, especially if you have been in the casino gambling!

Ellis Island BBQ

This is THE spot to go if you are looking for mouthwatering pieces of BBQ that are fall-off-the-bone delicious! A full BBQ menu awaits, and this place promises incredible value with some of the largest portions in all of Las Vegas. If you are going to visit this restaurant, our recommendation is to come hungry.

The One Thing You Can’t Miss at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

It seems to go without saying, but the one thing you don’t want to miss when checking out Ellis Island is the beer! Since opening the doors in 1998, the Ellis Island Brewery has grown to become the number 1 brewery in the state, and the six types of beer that they produce fly off the shelves and out of the taps! Take your time to enjoy each of the different flavors put together by the brewmasters and maybe even take some home with you!