Gold Coast Hotel Review

Established In: 1986
Former Names: None
Owner: Boyd Gaming
Number of Rooms: 711
Location: West Flamingo Road next to the Rio All Suites Hotel

Las Vegas is the type of city that can accommodate any type of traveler. No matter what the budget, the city has lots of options for places to stay that don’t have to break the bank. Some travelers prefer to save their money on accommodations to spend more gambling or on entertainment. With that traveler in mind, hotels off the Strip like the Gold Coast offer value along with quality.

A brief history of Gold Coast

The Gold Coast hotel opened in 1986, built by Michael Gaughan, who had previously built the Barbary Coast Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. The Hotel is small by Vegas standards, but it is meant to be more of a “local’s casino”. Given its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip and to the freeway, the Gold Coast offers an excellent option to budget travelers who also want to be close to the action.

The Gold Coast’s first claim to fame was that it was the first casino property to have a proper movie theater inside. This meant that anyone looking to watch first-run movies and also get in a round at the slots could do so in the same building.

The casino has had many upgrades over the years, and while it is definitely not lavish like many of the other properties in Las Vegas, it offers great value for the money.

Gaming at Gold Coast

While the hotel may not have that many rooms, the casino at the Gold Coast is still huge. The gaming floor is approximately 88,000 square feet, which is huge compared to the number of guests the hotel can accommodate. This is because the resort is meant to be catering to locals who don’t need a place to stay. The gaming floor is always bustling, fueled by the sounds of the almost 2,000 slot machines and 50 table games scattered across the room. Players will be pleased to find games with lower commissions than on the Strip (less overhead to cover, of course!), and there are plenty of cocktail waitresses around to make sure you get your favorite tasty beverage while you are playing.

Top Suites at Gold Coast

Now, bear in mind here that the hotel is nothing like Bellagio or Aria, so the difference in quality is noticeable, but since the rooms are also somewhere around 20% of the cost, this is not a shock. There are multiple suites available at Gold Coast – here are a couple of options.

Executive Suite

The Executive Suite isn’t that large (720 Square feet), but compared to the regular room sizes at Gold Coast, this is a luxury. Plus, you won’t be spending much time in this room anyway. The hotel does not have a tower, so there aren’t many spectacular views of the Strip, but the Executive Suite does offer something most hotels in Vegas do not – free coffee in the room! This may sound trivial, but it is a common complaint with travelers who want to have a morning coffee without having to make their way all the way down to the casino to do so.

Luxury Suite

The Luxury Suite at Gold Coast is more like a suite you would find at a higher-end property. This 1,500 square foot room features a great seating area that will work for relaxing or for meetings, along with upgraded amenities across the board. For the price, it’s worth seeing if this room is available on your next visit to the hotel.

Top 3 Dining Options at Gold Coast

Gold Coast is not known as a dining destination, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying some of the great restaurant options at the property.


As part of the most recent renovation, the Gold Coast opened a prime steakhouse, which is their signature gourmet dining experience. Cornerstone is a classic American steakhouse, featuring great cuts of meat and a friendly but hip ambiance that is unlike anything else at the resort. With prices that won’t break the bank, it is a must for anyone staying at the resort.

Ping Pang Pong

Despite its location and it not being in one of the more glamorous resorts, Ping Pang Pong has built quite the reputation, even making Travel and Leisure’s top ten U.S. Chinese restaurants. The casual atmosphere inside the restaurant may throw you off, but one look at the menu, and you will realize what a great decision you have made.


Another Asian-themed culinary delight, if you are looking for fast service but high-quality ingredients, this is the place for you. With traditional noodle and rice dishes on the menu, even those who aren’t too familiar with Asian food will find something that will make their taste buds explode at NoodleExchange.

The One Thing You Can’t Miss at Gold Coast

Gold Coast doesn’t offer a lot of the bells and whistles that many of the casinos on the Strip do these days to attract players, but it is almost for that reason that we think the thing you can’t miss at Gold Coast is the casino floor itself. Gambling at some of the bigger properties full of tourists wandering back and forth aimlessly can cramp some players’ style. At Gold Coast, the players at the casino are there to have fun and to gamble. The music is loud, there is always a lot of laughter from the dealers, and the limits aren’t so high that you will find yourself stressed on every spin of the wheel or deal of the cards.

Even though Gold Coast is considered a lower-end property in Las Vegas, it offers a lot of amenities to players and hotel guest alike. From excellent dining options to little things like coffee in your room, the hotel is a great option for all kinds of visitors. And don’t forget, there is a free shuttle that will take you to the Strip, so you don’t miss out on any of that action!