Golfing in Las Vegas

Fans of hitting the links are going to love all the great options for golf courses in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things – casinos, huge resorts, incredible restaurants, and shows, among many others. However, there is also a lot to do for those who want to be active during their stay in the desert. One of the most popular pastimes for locals is golfing, and this means that there are some great courses that visitors can also give a go!

The desert weather may seem like the worst place to try to keep a golf course in playing shape, and you aren’t entirely wrong. However, these courses have figured out how to best keep their grass watered and greens in playable conditions almost all year round! From the air, the golf courses look like little green oases surrounded by the brown of the sandy desert. If you are planning some outdoor activity during your stay in Vegas that doesn’t involve drinks in a crowded pool, then we think golf could be a perfect daytime diversion.

Three Top Golf Courses in Las Vegas

There are many golf courses open for play in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Depending on your type of play and budget, certain courses may be more suitable, but we are focusing on three of the top courses in the city. These courses are known around the world for their beauty and their design and are a must-play for any true golf fan.

Shadow Creek

Arguably the most famous golf club in all of Las Vegas, Shadow Creek is still a favorite for players of all skill levels. If the name sounds familiar, you may recognize Shadow Creek as the host course of the first Pay Per View match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in 2018. The Tom Fazio-designed course was built in 1989 and was originally only open to guests of Steve Wynn or the Mirage Resorts. With tee times spread out an hour apart, there wasn’t much play on the course for many years. Now, the course has been opened up to anyone who is staying at an MGM property, so as long as you are a guest at one of those resorts, you can make your tee time.

Bali Hai Golf Club

When it was built, it wasn’t expected that a golf course at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip would last very long. However, with the proximity to the resorts and, more importantly, the airport, Bali Hai is still hosting players from all over the world. Built and owned by world-famous sports bettor Bill Walters, Bali Hai is a 7,000-yard course with a stunning design that feels right at home on the Strip. With Mandalay Bay as a backdrop on many of the holes, this course feels like it is an extension of the resort with Bluetooth speakers on the golf carts and Jello shots in the bar.

TPC Summerlin

Arguably the best course in all of the Las Vegas area, TPC Summerlin is a course we recommend every golfer tries to play at some point in their lives – if they can get a tee time. The course was built in 1991 and is host to the PGA Shriners Open every year. TPC Summerlin is a private course, which means you will have to work harder to find someone who can get you an invite. However, we know that if you are lucky enough to get on this course, you will be amazed at the oasis that has been built 10 miles away from the hysteria of the Las Vegas Strip.

A couple of things to remember about golfing in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a city in a desert. This means that the weather patterns can change rapidly, and this can have an impact on your enjoyment on the golf course. First off, most months of the year, it can be brutally hot on the course. However, in other months, it can also be extremely windy, so you will want to bear that in mind when you are planning your golf excursion.


It is amazing to see how green and lush the grass is on the golf courses in Las Vegas. Of course, to keep these courses in pristine condition is not cheap, and that cost is passed along to players in the form of high greens fees. Playing golf in Las Vegas is a luxury, so don’t be surprised if there is a little sticker shock if you are looking to book a tee time at Bali Hai or Shadow Creek. However, if you consider the price of shows and restaurants as well, it is money well spent for the four hours outdoors.

Golfing in Las Vegas FAQ

Do I have to bring my own clubs to play golf in Las Vegas?

No, all the golf courses in Las Vegas allow you to rent clubs for your round. The quality of the clubs will vary by course, but it saves you having to lug yours to the airport and back.

Can I get comped rounds of golf in Las Vegas?

Absolutely! As Shadow Creek is part of the MGM family, there are many properties on the Strip where you can earn comp points that can be applied to the fees. Check with the VIP Casino Hosts to find out exactly how this can be arranged and if you qualify for your round to be taken care of by the resort.

Are there any driving ranges close to the Strip?

If you are looking to hit some golf balls but not play a round, you are in luck as TopGolf has recently opened just off the Strip. This interactive driving range also features a full bar and a pool area, so it is far more than just a club and a bucket of balls!