Mirage Volcano

Las Vegas has a lot of images and scenes that are easily identifiable outside the city, even to those who have never set foot on the Strip. The lion outside MGM Grand, the Bellagio Fountains, and the Stratosphere tower all come to mind. However, maybe the most iconic of them all is the Volcano that sits outside Mirage on Las Vegas Boulevard. This spectacle is one of the most photographed in all of Las Vegas, with thousands stopping by every day to see it in action.

About the Mirage Volcano

When the Mirage was being conceived by Steve Wynn, it was going to be something that had never been seen in Las Vegas. The resort was going to be one of the biggest in the world, and the entertainment found in the building (and outside) was going to be second to none. When the resort opened in 1989, the main attraction out on the Strip was the man-made Volcano that would erupt several times a day for guests, putting on a show that was one of a kind. Wynn went on to develop other incredible spectacles like the Bellagio Fountain Show, but after more than 30 years, the Volcano continues to delight tourists from around the world.

Three reasons you should visit the Mirage Volcano

The iconic photo opportunity

There are some photos that everyone should try to get when they are visiting Las Vegas, and one in front of an erupting volcano is typically at the top of everyone’s list. There will be loads of people at the show, so you will want to get a good viewing point early so you can capture the moment perfectly as a reminder of another amazing day and evening in Sin City.

It’s free and family-friendly!

Most of the shows in Las Vegas are indoors (with good reason). Also, you normally have to pay for your entertainment in the city. Not at the Mirage Volcano – there continues to be no charge to watch the incredible lights and sounds right from the Strip. Also, because the show isn’t hosted in an establishment with age restrictions, you can bring your family along to enjoy the display.

It’s a great time of day to get outside

Most travelers in Las Vegas are inside most of the day, perhaps stepping out to move from resort to resort or to hit the pool. The Mirage Volcano show takes place at dusk, which is a great time to get outside, especially if you want to see the famous lights of all the resorts being turned on. The temperature is great just as the sun is going down, and let’s face it – everyone visiting Las Vegas should take at least a few minutes a day to step outside and breathe some fresh air.

One thing to remember about the Mirage Volcano

As incredible as the Mirage Volcano show is and how popular an attraction it has become over the decades, in 2015, the resort decided to scale back the number of showtimes each day. While there used to show every 30 mins from dusk until midnight, there are now only two shows per weekday (8 pm and 9 pm) and an extra 10 pm show on Fridays and Saturdays.

The result of the reduction of showtimes is that the shows themselves are more crowded than ever. This can be an issue considering there is limited space on the Las Vegas Boulevard sidewalk for people to stand and watch the show. If you are planning to watch the Volcano erupt, our suggestion is to get here early so you can get the best spot, and don’t plan on leaving while the show is in session.

Mirage Volcano FAQ

Is the Volcano open year-round?

Yes, the show is scheduled for every day of the year. However, depending on wind and weather, there are some shows that are canceled for safety reasons. You will have to roll the dice on going to the show if it seems windy while you are staying in Las Vegas.

Can I make reservations for the show?

No, this is a first-come, first-served show. As it is free to the public, you will want to get there early to ensure you have a good vantage point for the lights and sounds of the eruption.

Is the show loud?

There is a soundtrack that goes along with the light show and the eruption, and it can be loud for some. While it isn’t ear-piercing, those with sensitive hearing may want to take some precautions in order to be on the safe side.

How long is the show?

The show is not very long, with the eruption and light show taking about 10-12 minutes from beginning to end. This gives the crowd time to disperse and a new crowd to take their place easily between showtimes.