New York New York Hotel Review

Established In: 1997
Former Names: None
Owner: MGM Resorts
Number of Rooms: 2,027
Location: Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue

For those of you who have never traveled to New York City for one reason or another but have always wondered what it looks and feels like, New York New York Casino in Las Vegas is not the place to find out. While New York City is impossible to duplicate, there is a hint of what that life is like when you stay and play at this Las Vegas staple. Let’s dig into the hotel a little to show you what we mean.

A brief history of New York New York Casino

New York New York Casino was built and opened in 1997, and from the outset, it was meant to have a real New Your City vibe to it. The façade is lined with replica skyscrapers, and rooms are set within those buildings, so in one sense, there is a feel of being in the big city while staying in the rooms.

However, no one could have anticipated that only four short years later, the property would serve as a makeshift memorial to the horrible events of 9/11. While there are no replica Twin Towers in the façade at the hotel, there is a Statue of Liberty out front, and the gates around it became a place for people to come and reflect on the tragedy.

The inside of the hotel and casino does its best to recreate the busy, cramped vibe of New York City, complete with neon signs and graffiti. There is no question that the vibe in the hotel is busy, and this is what the owners MGM Resorts want to see. The addition of the T-Mobile Arena right next door has made the hotel a huge hit with hockey and live music fans looking for a spot to stay close to the action!

Gaming at New York New York Casino

The gaming floor at New York New York Casino is in the middle of the pack when it comes to size – 84,000 square feet – but the way the casino is laid out, you wouldn’t think it was that big. It feels like there are slot machines around every corner, and that is because there are! There are over 2,000 of them in all, and almost 100 table games to satisfy those looking to play some cards. There was a small poker room, but that has closed, and there is no timeline for its return

Top 3 Suites at New York New York Casino

Accomdatuioins at New York New York Casino may have the ambiance of being in Manhattan, but the size of the rooms would make most New Yorkers very jealous. Here is a handful of the top rooms you will find at the resort.

Penthouse One Bedroom

Not at all as lavish at the Penthouse owned by Donald Trump by any stretch, the Penthouse Suite at New York New York is still one of the top places to stay on the Strip. This 1,100 square foot suite offers spectacular views of Las Vegas Boulevard that can be seen from the living area, which also features a full bar setup. All the top amenities are included with the room, and a two queen bedroom can be attached to this room if more guests need to be accommodated.

Two Bedroom Penthouse Suite

This is considered the best suite on the property, and as soon as you step into the modern style of this suite, you will understand why. Two bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms that are decadent await those staying, while anyone who is invited can enjoy the sprawling living area. VIP Concierge services come with this suite, which you may well need after jumping in the soaker tub in the master bedroom.

One Bedroom Luxury Suite

The standard one-bedroom suite at New York Ne York is nothing to sneeze at. It is 1,100 square feet and gives you a small living area to relax between spells at the casino. The top bedding and bathroom goods are used in the suites to pamper you as much as possible during your stay.

Top 3 Dining Options at New York New York Casino

When people think of New York City, often minds wander to some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. The Vegas version of New York isn’t too shabby wither when it comes to culinary delights, but it is more of a selection that caters to am ore casual dining crowd.

Gallagher’s Steakhouse

What would New York be without a great steakhouse! Gallagher’s features some excellent cuts of meat cooked to perfection, along with some awesome seafood. Add on some massive side dishes made for sharing and you have yourself a perfect classic American Steakhouse meal.

Il Fornaio

Traditional Italian tastes are brought to life in a modern setting at this location inside New York New York. Homemade pasta and wood-fired pizzas are complemented by roasted chicken and delicious fish dishes. All of this can be washed down with an incredible selection of Italian wines.

Nine Fine Irishmen

One thing that most people love about New York is the number of great Irish pubs scattered across the city. The same vibe has been brought right to the center of the Las Vegas resort with Nine Fine Irishmen. Sample some authentic pub fare and wash it down with some great beers from around the world, all in a very social setting. There’s live music available every night as well if you want to get into the real Irish Pub vibe. 

The One Thing You Can’t Miss at New York New York Casino

So, you already know that you can check out the façade of New York City, including the Statue of Liberty outside the hotel, and that you can sample New York style cuisine, including great pizza inside while heading to the tables. However, did you know that you can ride a rollercoaster right through the property?! Well, you can with the Big Apple Coaster. This ride takes you on loops outside the casino before bringing you on a thrilling journey high above the casino floor! You’ll be amazed at the speed this small coaster gets to as you zip in and out of the building. The coaster has recently been equipped with VR technology for those who want to further enhance their ride! This ride is a definite must for those staying in the hotel or just passing by for a visit, but expect there to be a long line unless you book your ride well in advance.