Best Slots to play in Las Vegas

Slots machines are the most entertaining games on a casino floor but can be tricky to navigate which ones to play. This page outlines what types of slots are the best for each type of player.

No matter what casino you enter around the world, you are immediately hit with a wall of lights and sound coming from banks of slot machines vying for your attention. This is especially true when you are in Las Vegas, as most of the casinos have well over 1,000 different machines on the floor. The games have changed a lot over the years, but the name of the game remains the same – try to match symbols and win big prizes!

With so many games to choose from, wandering through a slot floor can be somewhat confusing and intimidating. We are going to try to take the intimidation factor out of choosing the best slots to play with a few tips and tricks our experts have compiled over years of sitting and playing these machines.

Do a little research on Return To Player

This may seem daunting, but most casinos are bound to report this as a whole and by game. The Return to Player is the amount of money that, on average, is returned to a player in winnings for every dollar bet. This number is one that many slots operators are happy to broadcast (you may have seen signs featuring a winning percentage of 95% or more). While that is very important and ranges from casino to casino, you also want to take into consideration what games are paying out the most to find the best chance of winning.

Megabucks has the biggest jackpots, but it will cost you to try to win

There is no doubt that you have likely seen photos of lucky slots winners who have taken home the progressive Megabucks jackpot for millions of dollars. It is a motivating factor that keeps these games incredibly popular. However, what you may not know about this jackpot that is linked across most o the casinos in Las Vegas is that a portion of the money you spend each spin goes to funding that jackpot. This is why you see the constant scroll of the jackpot amount above the bank of machines.

Well, where do you think they take the money from to fund that jackpot? Yep, you guessed it – right out of the Return to Player number. This means that your chances of winning on the standard machine are lowered quite dramatically when you are jackpot hunting. In fact, the hold percentage (the amount the casino makes) on Megabucks is significantly higher than any other type of slot machine. So, jackpot hunt if you must, but understand the inherent risk in doing so.

Determine how much you are willing to bet, then pick a game

Another common mistake that is made by slots players is not comparing the amount wagered per spin to the game chosen to play. Slot providers are brilliant, and creating the Penny Slot was a way to entice players to play more spins for what seems to be less money. However, given that these penny slot games are now so detailed that you can choose up to 100 paylines and bet more than one coin per line, it is very easy to find yourself spending over $1 per spin thinking you have a better chance of winning. Well, you may have a better chance of finding a winning pay line, but the Return to Player percentage for these games is much lower than playing a game with a higher minimum bet. If you are comfortable playing 75 cents per spin, then you are actually better off playing at a 25c machine versus one of the penny machines. True, it won’t have the same interactive experience or maybe the brand you were keen to play, but these machines will pay out more winnings, and isn’t that better for you in the long run?

Don’t forget to factor in comp points

Las Vegas casinos are built of people gambling and spending their time and money on the property, and all the resorts offer some sort of comp program that is based on earning points. Slots players get the best rates on accumulating points and, therefore, on comps like free meals and hotel rooms, etc. This is, of course, because the house edge on slot machines is much higher than on table games. So, if you are considering playing some slots, you have to get a comp card and make sure that you use it every time. Also, many casinos offer incentives to slots players such as points multipliers, which allow you to accumulate your points even faster! This is a “must-do” for slots players – you are already under the gun to try to win playing these games, so you may as well be able to factor in things like comped drinks, food and accommodation into your ROI equation!

What do you want to get out of the experience?

Ultimately, your time in front of a slot machine can be widely varied, but your enjoyment has to come from what you want o gain from the experience.

If you are in it to win money exclusively, then you should be playing the machines that may be a little more boring and have higher minimums, but that payout the highest percentages back to players.

If you are in it for the entertainment (bonus rounds, interactive screens, etc.), then the newer games will be more up your alley, and you can still win there!

If you are jackpot hunting, then you want to find the casinos that offer the highest RTP on those jackpot games, sit yourself down and give yourself the best chance to keep your money long enough to try to hit the life-changing spin!

No matter what, playing the slots is a great way to spend some time in any Las Vegas casino, and as long as you follow these simple tips, you will get the absolute maximum out of your experience.