How to Stay Safe in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most entertaining cities on the planet. With so much to do and see, millions of people flock to the streets and create a carnival-like atmosphere all year round. With those huge numbers of people moving about the city, it is very important that visitors to Las Vegas are extra vigilant when it comes to personal safety. Our team has compiled this list of the Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe in Las Vegas to ensure that you have the best possible time.

Top 10 Ways To Stay Safe In Las Vegas

#1. Be aware of your Surroundings

This may be an obvious one, but there are millions of people trying to get everywhere in Las Vegas, so you may find yourself caught up in the crush of foot traffic. Be on the lookout for red lights as there are many driveways up and down the Strip that can go unnoticed until it is too late. As a general rule, you want to have an idea of your surroundings at all times.

#2. Don’t get too drunk or high

Las Vegas is known for its access to excess, and that can be seen in the number of people overly intoxicated on the streets and in the casinos. While we aren’t saying not to have a good time, you should keep in mind that the more drunk you get, the worse decisions you are going to make. It may seem like you are in control, but there is always the potential of someone around the corner who will want to take advantage of your weakened state of mind.

#3. Don’t Flash Your Bankroll

One surefire way to get noticed by potential criminals is to walk around with a huge bankroll of cash. These days, there is really no excuse for having a large sum of money on you. Carry around what you need, and use your cards as much as possible. When it comes to the gaming tables, if you want to play at high stakes, then put your money at the cage and ask for a marker at your table. This way, the cash stays out of your pocket.

#4. Don’t agree to go somewhere alone with a stranger

These days, we are using mobile apps more than ever to connect with people, and this includes many dating apps. Las Vegas is a town full of strangers, and these apps are prevalent up and down the Strip. We think you would be wise not to use these apps to meet people, and if you do, then you should agree to meet in a public place and perhaps with a friend just to ensure that you are not in any danger.

#5. Have an emergency contact

Now, we aren’t talking about your mom, here -you want to have a contact you can call or text in an emergency that doesn’t ask questions, just knows they need to help. Make sure that contact can see the location of your mobile phone at all times in case you are in trouble and cannot speak out loud to them. It may sound like scare tactics, but sometimes time is short, and you may need help asap.

#6. Download the Uber App

Getting around Las Vegas can be difficult at the best of times, but at the very least, we now have Uber, which tracks your pickup and dropoff points to ensure you arrive where you are supposed to be. No longer do you have to get into a strange taxi late at night, and rideshares like Uber are outfitted with several security measures to protect passengers.

#7. Avoid Walking Alone

While we just told you how busy Las Vegas streets can be, there are still plenty of spots where you could find yourself alone, such as parking lots and side alleys. You are best served to stay away from these locations when you are on your own – staying in a crowd makes it less easy for someone to take advantage of you.

#8. Watch your drink

All the casino tables, bars, and nightclubs are great places to have a drink and be social, but they can also be breeding grounds for bad behavior. Keep your eyes on your drink at all times, going so far at times to covering it with a coaster when you are not drinking it. This will make it harder for someone to slip something in there that could be harmful to you.

#9. Keep your valuables close

We all seem to be walking around with thousands of dollars of valuables on us at any given time. Between jewelry, watches, wallets, and mobile devices, there are a lot of options for potential thieves on the hunt for easy targets. The safe play is to leave all unnecessary items in your room safe (why do you need a watch when you can see the time on your phone?) and then make sure all your valuables are in your front pockets so that there is a significant increase in difficulty in being pick-pocketed.

#10. Bring a portable phone charger

These days, there is probably more of a panic about your phone going dead than anything else when out in public. As so much that we do is attached to your phone, it is important that you keep it charged at all times. Many casino bars have charging outlets built into the bars themselves, but if that isn’t the case, then bringing a pocket-sized charger to give your phone enough juice to call your Uber or find your friends can go a long way to increase your overall safety.

Now, this may all have seemed a bit heavy – it shouldn’t scare you from visiting Las Vegas. You can have an absolute blast in this city, but if you adhere to a few of these small safety measures, you can feel even more comfortable in a city that will loosen up your inhibitions in a heartbeat.