Top VIP Rooms from the Best Las Vegas Hotels

If you want a VIP experience, one that all the money can get, then these places are the deal. From the time you book, check-in, and stay, you’ll feel like the VIP you are. So what are these incredible rooms?

Invite Only VIP Rooms

Class, comfort, and luxury are words that come to mind when you see these VIP rooms. Getting a picture or walking near these premises is almost impossible. It’s hard to even know these places exist unless someone goes there and comes back to write about them.

1. Chairman Suite at The Venetian

If you love Asian inspired artwork, check out the Chairman Suite at The Venetian. The four bedrooms and five bathrooms suite sits on 10,000 square feet on The Venetian’s 36th floor. And no, this is not empty space; every part of the room has something to remind you that you’re supposed to be treated like royalty.

The rooms have several Asian artifacts that will make you feel like you’re in a customized museum. You’ll also find several fountains through the suite. As if that’s not enough, the Chairman Suite also has a private massage parlor, salon, workout room, and sauna.

You’ll get a luxurious transport car to get around, and a ’round the clock butler. How much will it cost you? Well, this room is a VIP invite-only because most can’t afford it.

2. The Mansion at MGM Grand

The White House and Banks Mansions are two popular mansions. But none comes close to The Mansion at the MGM Grand. In fact, it hard to find a picture of the place as it’s reserved for VVIP and high rollers. The mansion is attached to the MGM Grand, but you have to pass through a private driveway to reach the Italian-styled residence.

The mansion comprises 29 villas, with the smallest being 2,000 square feet and the largest 12,000 square-feet. Besides this, there is an outdoor garden of about 290,000 square feet. There is also climate control technology surrounding the atrium and garden pool for each villa.

Pre-Booked VIP Rooms

The following VIP rooms are accessible to any VIP. But, you’ll be lucky to find any of them available.

1. Sky Villa in Aria

Imagine living in a room with high tech services and customized tech control commands. Sky Villa is one of the most advanced rooms, with features only usually seen in movies. But no, everything here is real.

Immediately as you enter, you’re greeted with curtains drawing automatically. The 2000-7000 square-feet rooms have tablets that control everything. You have to say a command, and the darn thing will do it. The technology in these rooms has your back, from drawing curtains, adjusting the light, cooling or heating a room, and even booking salon or spa services.

The design of everything in these rooms is a high end, and its swirling staircase will mesmerize you. These rooms are highly unavailable, but if you get a chance, you’ll have access to a private kitchen, billiards room, sauna, and maybe most importantly, a panoramic Strip view.

The rates for these villas go from $2,000-$7,500 depending on size.

2. Marcus Aurelius Villa at Caesars Palace

With this room, you can kill two birds with one stone by being in Vegas and feeling like you’re in Rome at the Marcus Aurelius Villa. The 9500 square-feet is a roman inspired three-bedroom villa. But if the Roman thing doesn’t catch your attention, then the private elevator, grand piano, double-sided fire pit, and the fish tank inside the house should.

Still nothing? Well, Marcus Aurelius also has outstanding outdoor amenities. On the terrace, there is a cozy Jacuzzi next to a fire pit, an impressive architectural garden, and God’s Pool. If you just want to chill, you can watch a movie in a theater-style room on a seat designed to massage you. If you plan to stay here, you’ll get a bonus of fresh air thanks to green plants, floor to ceiling windows, and spacious rooms.

The price is $25,000 to $40,000 per night.

3. Presidential Suite at the Bellagio

The people behind the presidential suite at Bellagio take things a notch higher to ensure you feel like a president, at least for your own little kingdom. The presidential feel begins with a ride in a limo from the airport up to when they drop you back at the airport. Don’t worry, you’ll have rested enough to bounce back to the real world.

Once at Bellagio, you’ll get a private VIP check-in area and lounge. Once in the room, the indoor garden with a fountain will catch your eyes. This 4075 square-feet room comprises two bedrooms, an L-shaped six-seater, and a whirlpool tub in each master bedroom overlooking the city. You’ll also have a private fire pit, and a 24/7 butler. The suite is located atop the Bellagio tower, which means you’ll get a great view outside.

You’ll spend $6,000 per night for this suite.

4. The Mirage’s Lanai Villa

You won’t actually be in Hawaii, but the look is close. The 2650 square-feet Lanai Villa is tucked in a private gated area at the Mirage. The reason this villa gives you that Hawaiian feel is the sand-like flooring and in-room vegetation.

With a private massage room, pool, and spa, the Lanai Villa sets the tropical mood from the moment you get in. You’ll also get a 24-hour private chef who will ensure all your taste buds are taken care of. If you like your cocktail served with a little decorative umbrella, it will be more enjoyable to sip it down on the island oasis/pool sitting on the Vegas Strip. This villa is almost always occupied, save for several nights a year.

Prices vary from $1,500 to $2,500 per night.