Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Review

Established In: Expected November 2020
Former Names: Hard Rock Hotel
Owner: Virgin
Number of Rooms: 1534
Location: Paradise Road at Harmon

By now, most of you know of Richard Branson, the bombastic CEO of Virgin. And if you know Branson, then you know he is not shy about getting his hands dirty in new projects. Whether it is mobile phones, space travel, or an airline, the man is an entrepreneur at heart. It is not surprising, therefore, to know that when he decided to get into the hotel game, he would jump in with both feet. There are several properties in the works, none bigger than the launch of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at what we know about this place.

A brief history of The Hotel

Before the sale to Virgin Hotels, this property has been known as Hard Rock Hotel since 1995. Located off the Strip but only a short distance from Planet Hollywood, this is one of the closest resorts to the airport. Many travelers like the location because it is off the beaten path, and therefore, there are far fewer tourists walking around the building.

While the guts of the hotel will remain the same, the property is being remodeled in the style that fits Virgin’s properties. Gone are all the memorabilia from the days of Hard Rock, and yet the vibe will still be one f being a true Rockstar when you enter the new hotel.

The launch date for Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is November 2020, barring any major missteps along the way.

Gaming at The Hotel

While it is not yet clear what the renovations will do to the casino space at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, the casino floor was spread over a wide territory when it was Hard Rock, although much of the gaming floor went unused. We can expect a more modern design at the newly renovated property, which may include tables out in the resort pool area.

Top 3 Suites at The Hotel

While we don’t know exactly what the renovation will entail making the rooms “Virginized,” we do know that Hard Rock did have a tower that was made up of all-suites accommodation. According to the website, there will be 79 luxury suites on the property ranging in size from 900 to 5,000 square feet, so we can only imagine the decadence we will find behind those doors. Stay tuned for updates and reviews as soon as we can get our eyes on these suites.

Top 3 Dining Options at the Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel had several great dining options that ranged in menu and price. We know there is a lot of space for restaurants in the hotel regardless of the name change, but we don’t have much information on what will be replacing the ones that were in the old casino. However, it was recently announced that the hotel has tapped celebrity chef Todd English to transform one of the spaces (held most recently by A35 Steak and Martinis. He is planning a new concept in dining, but for now, the details are hard to come by. Rest assured that it, along with any other restaurants that open, will be of the highest standards that Sir Richard himself would approve.

The One Thing You Can’t Miss at the Hotel

One thing that will be passed right from Hard Rock to Virgin seamlessly is the ability to entertain guests. The centerpiece of entertainment at the property is the 3,500 seat music venue, once called The Joint. Given Branson’s love of music, we have no doubt that this venue is going to continue to get a lot of use after the hotel reopens. Check listings to see if any of your favorite artists are going to be performing at this hotel, and for sure, you want to check out anyone playing if you like live music and an amazing auditory experience that this location brings to guests.