Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival

For those looking for a little culture off the Strip, this festival is a perfect choice. This page tells you all about the Water Lantern Festival held annually in Las Vegas

Most trips to Las Vegas include a lot of the same items: enjoying some of the amazing restaurants and bars the city has to offer, some time by the pool, and lots of time at the tables and slots in all the casinos up and down the Strip. However, there are many people that try to fit in some cultural activities while traveling to Las Vegas. There are several art installations around the city, as well as many festivals that appeal to more than just casino-hungry travelers.

The Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival is one such event. This event gets locals and tourists together in a way that is far outside being in a stuffy casino or hockey rink. This is a great event for visitors of all ages, so we thought we would give you a bit of a rundown of what the Water Lantern Festival entails and how you can enjoy it if you are in town for the event.

What is the Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival?

The Water Lantern Festival is a traveling affair, visiting many cities around the United States. However, the event in Las Vegas is one of the first that was ever held, and it is considered by many to be one of the best events to attend for both travelers and locals alike.

The Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival takes place every November at Sunset Park, which is a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. This makes the event far more friendly for locals than having it closer to all the resorts. The festival costs anywhere from $25 to $55 depending on when you book your ticket, so if you know in advance that you will be in Vegas during that time, you can save a lot of money on your entry.

The Water Lantern Festival is a fundraising event, supporting The ritual of lantern festivals dates back thousands of years in Asia, but this event is about coming together as a group to celebrate life and the water that gives us that life. While the traditional candle lantern festival allows you to send your lantern into the sky, the lanterns at this festival are placed on the lake, allowing people to reflect and enjoy the emotional side of the event for much longer.

There is more to the event than the lighting of the lanterns – there are lots of different food vendors at the event, along with entertainment provided by local musicians. All told, this is a great event for families to attend, and if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, then you may want to time it with the Water Lantern Festival as a way to get away from the resorts for a few hours.

Things to know if you are going to the Las Vegas Water Festival

If you are planning to attend the Las Vegas Water Festival, there are loads of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the event. Here are a few that we have learned along the way:

1. Do not bring a car – this seems to be a common theme when talking about festivals that are taking place in Las Vegas. It may cost you a few bucks to take a cab or rideshare to and from the Water Lantern Festival, but it will save you loads of time in traffic and trying to find a place to park.

2. You cannot bring alcohol – you are more than welcome to bring food and snacks if you like, although there are plenty of great food trucks at the festival, and this would be a nice break from the cuisine found on the Strip.

3. Do not be late – the festival happens right at sunset which is much earlier in the desert than you may realize. The festival suggests that you should try to arrive between 4pm and 6pm to get settled and decorate your lanterns before placing them in the lake.

4. You can buy more than one lantern – each admission comes with one lantern, but if you want to buy additional ones to decorate, you are more than welcome to do so.

5. This event is FOR PROFIT – if you think you are attending an event where the full proceeds go to the charity, you will be sadly disappointed. That is not to say that this is not for a good cause, but we want you to go with the right expectations.

6. It is NOT pet-friendly -if you are thinking of bringing your furry friend to the event, do not – you will not be allowed into the event space.

The Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival gives you a great opportunity to rub shoulders with some locals, take some time to reflect on loved ones, take part in a beautiful ceremony, and to spend some time getting to see parts of the Las Vegas area that aren’t covered in slot machines. We think that if you are planning to be in the Vegas area in November, you should put this spectacle on your must-see list.

Water Lantern Festival Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to park at the festival?

That depends on where you park -there are lots nearby, but you can find cheaper lots the further you are from Sunset Park

What happens if it rains?

The event is planned to occur even with a little rain, however, if there are storms that day, it will be rescheduled as close to the original date as possible.

Can I get comped tickets to the Water Lantern Festival?

Typically, comps from a casino are limited to events on the property, but there is no harm in asking your casino host if you are really keen to save the entry fee.