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MasterCard Online Casinos

Because of its worldwide popularity and low transaction costs, there are plenty of online casinos that accept Mastercard credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. Even when an online provider is not set up to directly process Mastercard deposits, you can be pretty certain that an alternative indirect option will be available so that players can still use their card to fund an online account.

Unfortunately, Mastercard does not support Credit Fund Transfers. This means you cannot have any winnings paid back to your card. This is not usually a problem for most people, as online casinos that accept Mastercard are aware of the issue and will offer a selection of withdrawal alternatives. However, if you like to keep your gambling bankroll separate from your other funds, you might want to review other deposit methods.

Online Casinos Where You Can Make a Deposit with Mastercard

One thing to be aware of before deciding to make a deposit with Mastercard is that some online providers advertise they accept “credit cards” without actually stipulating which credit cards they accept. Although this generally implies that Mastercard is an acceptable deposit option, it can be advisable to contact the sites Customer Services department to confirm the transaction will be accepted before attempting to fund your account.

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Advantages of Mastercard Casino Deposits

Mastercard casino deposits are quick, easy and most often free of charge. The deposit process is as simple as buying anything online. You simply choose how much you want to deposit, enter the figure, your card details and the card´s CVV number, and click “Deposit”. In most cases your deposit will clear immediately and be available for you to use straightaway at your chosen site.

Mastercard also has a good reputation for being a secure deposit option. All transactions between yourself, the online provider and Mastercard are encrypted so that they are unreadable and undecipherable if ever your card details are intercepted. In some cases, the online provider will ask you to send a copy of your card and your ID to ensure you have the right to use the card.

The high level of security provided by Mastercard also offers protection against fraud or theft. If you use your card to fund an online account, and somebody subsequently uses your card details without your authorization, you should be able to recover any losses through your card issuer – sadly not any losses you might incur at the tables or playing slots.

Drawbacks of Using Mastercard at an Online Casino

The major drawback of using Mastercard at an online casino has already been highlighted – that you cannot make withdrawals back to your card after enjoying a profitable session. Depending on your location, you might be able to fund an eWallet with your card and then have the funds transferred back and forth via your eWallet, or you may have to accept your winnings by check.

Also depending on your location, you may experience difficulty getting your deposit to go through. Some players – particularly those trying to deposit at US-facing sites – have reported Mastercard deposits being rejected. This is more likely due to your card issuer´s policy for online gambling transactions than a reflection on the site you are trying to deposit with. If this happens to you, speak with the site´s Customer Services.

One final drawback of using Mastercard at an online casino is that some operators have quite low upper limits on the amount you can fund your account with – sometimes as low as $500. This low limit can affect your entitlement to the site´s maximum first deposit bonus. One way of overcoming this issue is to fund an eWallet account with your Mastercard and – as most sites have higher maximum deposit limits from an eWallet – fund your online casino account from there.

Mastercard Deposit Q&A

Are there any fees attached to making a deposit with Mastercard?

Most online operators process Mastercard deposits free of charge. However, some can charge as much as 7.9% for processing a Mastercard transaction, and your card issuer may also charge you an International Service Fee, a Currency Conversion Fee or a Cash Advance Fee of up to 3%.

What is the lower limit for Mastercard deposits?

The lower limits for deposits vary from operator to operator. The lower limit at European-facing casinos tends to start at $10.00. USA-facing casinos typically have lower deposit limits starting at $25.00, with some insisting that you deposit a minimum of $50.00 when you open your account.

What is Account Validation?

Account validation and credit card verification are security checks conducted by online operators to ensure you are above the legal age for gambling and are using a legitimate funding source. Different operators have their own procedures for account validation and credit card verification, and it is a good idea to complete these processes as quickly as possible to add an extra layer of security to your account.

Why phone the site if my deposit is declined? Why not my bank?

Over the years we have found that casino Customer Service representatives have a far better idea of how to deal with a “7995 failure” than banks. Typically your bank or card issuer will not have any idea about its policy for online gambling, whereas casinos have to deal with declined transactions almost every day.