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Captain Cash Review

Captain Cash provides a digital yet nostalgic slot playing experience. Betsoft has reverted to the past, scaled down the special effects, and kept things simple for this game to replicate real-life fruit machines.

Overview of Captain Cash

The game has a simple design and the gameplay is basic, with just three reels and five paylines available. Even the controls are simplistic and a nod to the fruit machines found in casinos as three buttons along the bottom of the screen adds to the realistic playing experience.

The pirate-themed background, consisting of a giant map treasure map, combined with symbols of chests, swords, pirate masks, and flags keep the game light-hearted and provides an element of over-the-top pirate humor. Likewise, the in-play music and slow flashing lights when the reels spin gives the game a realistic feel. Captain Cash certainly provides a slower paced feel compared to more expansive online slot games.

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How to Play Captain Cash

At the top of the playing screen, there is a simple visual guide displaying how many winning combinations are worth per spin. There is also an example of the wild symbol for users to see before placing any bets.

Once the preferred settings are confirmed, players can begin spinning. When the reels stop, any winning combinations are highlighted by flashing lights towards the side of the reels so players can see exactly how much they have won. If there are no winnings, the controls will flash, prompting players to spin again.

The three controls at the bottom of the screen emulate the traditional fruit machines and are self-explanatory in their function with Spin, Max Bet, and Bet Placement. The digital counters on the left of the screen also display the individual payout a player has earned for each spin as well as any remaining credits.

Bonus Features for Captain Cash

Simplicity is at the forefront of Captain Cash so there are a few bonuses and features. But, despite the straight-forward nature of the game, there are still opportunities for players to multiply their winnings with the special wild bar and pirate mask symbols.

The pirate mask can provide players with a $5,000 jackpot while three bar symbols on a five-coin bet will earn a player 1,000 coins towards their credit.

As Captain Cash provides a more traditional slot playing experience, there are no further free spins or scatters for players to quickly compile a winning pot. But the $5,000 jackpot offers players a big incentive to stick with the game as payouts can rise significantly from smaller bets.

Betting and Payout for Captain Cash

Before spinning the reels, players can set the amount they want to wager and change the amount of paylines on the right-hand side of the screen. The betting amounts begin at 0.02 credits and the maximum bet is 5.00.

Compatibility of Captain Cash

Captain Cash is available to play on both Windows and Mac operating systems and no download is required but the latest version of Flash is required for the game to function across all providers. Captain Cash is also available on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) and tablets.