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Ghouls Gold Review

Ghouls Gold is a ghost-themed slot that has three reels and three bet ways. The slot is a multi-spin, which gives players more control over the game. With realistic animation, stunning graphics, and horror-oriented sounds, players are up for a thrilling run. The game has a hold function that allows players to create better-winning combinations. Ghouls Gold is ideal for both low and middle rollers as its bet value starts at 0.02 and ends at 1.00 per coin.

Overview of Ghouls Gold

Ghouls Gold is an exciting game to play. The features are simple to understand and use. With 2D graphics and clearly marked coin values, balance, and bet per line, the game’ interface comes in handy to enable pure fun. To play, you need to update the bet amount, each coin’s value from 0.02 to 5, and press the spin button.

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How to Play Ghouls Gold

When you spin, symbols will start appearing on the reels. Collect three on a pay line and win. Some of these symbols include the haunted house symbol, cauldron, money bag, bats, candles, green 7, yellow 7, ghost, golden coins, and jackpot sacks.

The haunted house is the highest paying symbol, rewarding players with 500x when they bet with the maximum value of coin per pay line. Other high paying symbols include the money bag and the cauldron. The unique thing about this game is the hold features that allow you to choose which payouts you will be going after.

Bonus Features for Ghouls Gold

Ghouls Gold offers a different gameplay thanks to the hold function feature. With every spin, three symbols are drawn at the button row on the screen. You can press the hold button under each icon to expand to the rest of the other rows. Alternatively, you can press the spin button again and get new icons. If you press the spin the second time, you’ll get one more free spin, and all three rows will fill with symbols.

The other bonus feature is the click me, triggered when three ghost symbols appear on a payline. Once you click it, ghosts with different colors will start moving upward, whereby you’re supposed to click on every ghost possible. The more you click the ghost, the bigger the bonus wins. However, speed is paramount as the ghost will be moving at high speed, and there is a timer against the feature.

A bonus round is also triggered when three ghost symbols pop on a payline. Another feature to look out for is the golden icon, as it is the wild symbol of this game. When it appears, it substitutes all other symbols except for jackpot icons. The feature multiplies your winnings.

Does Ghouls Gold Have Jackpots?

Ghouls Gold has a progressive jackpot. Collect three jackpot symbols on a payline and activate the jackpot. However, the jackpot symbols are hard to come by. You can use the hold feature when one jackpot symbol appears to expand it over the reels and get at least three jackpot sacks, triggering the jackpot.

Compatibility of Ghouls Gold

Ghouls Gold is not available in HTML5 technology. The slot is offered in Flash technology, which means you have to play it on a desktop or a Windows laptop. Also, the Linux operating system users can play the game too.