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Jumbo Joker Review

Jumbo Joker is a game released by Betsoft in 2017. It is a three-reel online slot machine, with five pay-lines, and it pays a top cash price of $2000, which you can actually win from a single combination.

Overview of Jumbo Joker

This slot is a representation of Betsoft’s low-key love of the old school, even though they are known for their first-rate 3D video slots. The theme is classic, unlike most Betsoft slots, but everyone is allowed to diversify every once in a while.

The animation of the game is quite good, and attractive as well, as it features colorful graphics along with accurate slot sound effects. Slot players who enjoy the old school machines will definitely find this pleasing. The slot reels contain the traditional symbols we are all used to seeing like lemons, watermelons, cherries, bells, and sevens, which will send punters on a nostalgic trip as they play and win.

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How to Play Jumbo Joker

Jumbo Joker is like a classic slot, but not quite. There are features you haven’t seen, making this slot a little different even in its sameness.

To win a prize, you have to cover one of the 5 pay-lines with symbols of one kind. The Max Bet feature on the slot lets you wager the maximum coins at any coin value you choose. The treasure chest symbol pays the most in the bottom reels set, as it offers 2000 coins when you get three of a kind. The lucky 7 feature also plays that role in the top set. Although there are no wild symbols, this slot still serves fun and cool payouts.

There is also the Autoplay option, which is great. When activated, it can do up to 100 automatic spins for you, creating more opportunities for rewarding combinations. You start by playing on the bottom set of reels. When you form winning combinations, you can then use your winnings to fund a number of Jumbo Meter spins on the top set of reels using higher bets, or you can just take your money.

The rewards at the top set of reels are much better, especially considering the extra amount you can bet.

Bonus Features for Jumbo Joker

The slot has a betting range of 0.01$ to 10$, with the special addition of a “Max bet” button for the high rollers out there.

The game has a bonus feature, the Jumbo Joker, which is where this slot gets its name. You can trigger this feature with a win of at least 20 coins on the bottom reel. To win big in this slot, you have to be ready to fork over a lot of money. Your chances of hitting big payouts increase as you bet more.

As mentioned earlier, there is a bonus mode, the Jumbo Meter, and here you can win up to 2000 coins ($2000) if you are lucky enough to hit a combination of 3 treasure chests alongside 3 jokers.

Your winnings from the bottom reel can be seen on the Jumbo Meter, and you can make up to 15 spins on the top set, where you can bet 20-200 coins on each spin.

Compatibility of Jumbo Joker

Lucky for you, this slot works great on desktop and just as well on mobile. You can line up your perfect combo at your desk, sitting on the couch, or on your phone while in the bathroom.