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Madder Scientist Review

It’s two times the madness! Who is crazy enough to take on this slot that is twice as intriguing, twice as graphic, and twice as rewarding as the first Mad Scientist?

Mad Scientist was crazy, but Madder Scientist is a whole other level. Nothing is normal about it.

Overview of Madder Scientist

This game has a host, and that’s the Mad Scientist, who is madder now because he was so successful the last time. As with most BetSoft designs, the scientist is in 3D. He sits working in front of the reels, and his character is VERY well defined. There’s a pretty assistant (as there always is), and a scared rabbit on the screen too.

The music suits the theme as it is quite weird, and fades in and out as the action heightens or slows down. This slot features 5 reels and 30 pay-lines. That’s a lot of pay-lines, but this is no normal slot. This game needs more than just your ability to click and spin. This is not a game to be played when you want to relax, not at all. The madder scientist will challenge you, test your instincts, and keep you entertained for sure.

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How to Play Madder Scientist

This is a slot that just about anyone can afford to play. You can choose coin amounts from $0.02 to $0.50, but that’s not all. To make your bets bigger, the madder scientist lets you place up to 5 coins in each of the 30 pay-lines, so you can choose a maximum bet of $75. Biiiiiiig wins ahead (or losses, but let’s focus on the positives).

You can join the scientist in his secret lab, but first, you have to choose your bet. Click on “Choose Coin” to choose your coin size; you can then select the number of lines to play just by clicking on “select lines”. The “bet per line” button is there so you can adjust the number of coins bet on each line. To turn the reels, just click on spin. Simple.

When you get tired (and you will), you can activate autoplay and rest your hands. The game will play automatically for the number of times you set.

Bonus Features for Madder Scientist

There are many special features on this slot. It has twice everything.

The reel re-spin feature is the main feature, and it lets you re-spin any one of the 5 reels. Awesome prizes can be won using this feature, so take advantage of it. One of the symbols is a beaker, and 3 of these showing up on reels 1, 3, and 5 will turn on the “Click me” feature.

Another symbol is the switch, and 3 of these on the reels trigger the wild switches. Here, one of the 5 reels will turn wild for a set number of spins. The carrot is the scatter bonus symbol, and when 3 of these appear on the reels, the bonus round starts. Here, you have to help the scientist create a potion that will be tested on the carrot. Poor carrot! Still, you get rewards for helping out the scientist, so that’s great.

Compatibility of Madder Scientist

This slot looks great on iPads and tablets. It works on every device. So as long as you’ve got strong WiFi or lots of data, you’re good to go.