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SugarPop 2: Double Dipped Review

Gather ’round all ye sugar addicts! Come have your fill of sugarcoated treats!

Get this, if you thought SugarPop was sweet, then you are bound to love the SugarPop 2: Double Dipped online video slot. This is the sequel to the mouthwatering SugarPop online video slot. This slot has delightful candy-filled seven by seven reels. This sequel to SugarPop allows for cluster pays for winning combinations.

Overview of SugarPop 2: Double Dipped

BetSoft did a really commendable job with the graphics of this video slot. The slot is designed with melted caramel pipes and a candy floss backdrop. The icing on this sugary cake treat is the different bonus features that guarantee big winnings. To add the proverbial cherry on top, the longer you play, the more rewards you collect!

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How to Play SugarPop 2: Double Dipped

While swimming in this sea of sugary treats, don’t forget to place your bets. The minimum bet amount is $0.50 and the maximum betting amount is $250. Just like in the original slot, you need to align three or more candy symbols of the same type. You can align them either horizontally or vertically. When you align three or more candy symbols of the same type, they break down, allowing for additional candy symbols to come down and replace them. If the candy symbols raining down align properly to form another candy chain, the candy symbols break down again, allowing for the process to repeat itself.

Bonus Features for SugarPop 2: Double Dipped

BetSoft offers irresistible treats in the way of bonus features in this video slot.

First, there’s the wild symbol represented by the rainbow candy. The wild symbol can act as a substitute for any other candy symbol on the reel to form a winning combination. The wild symbol, however, is formed from a blast of five or more clusters of symbols. Therefore, the wild symbol does not appear in the stream of symbols.

If you collect five or more cluster blasts in a single spin, you will be awarded a candy bomb. The candy bomb is usually preserved and allowed to gather more force when you continue collecting winning combos. When you are out of moves, the bomb moves to a random position on the reels where it explodes, and retriggers the downstream of the symbols on the reels, generating more winnings.

There are three special bonuses in this slot. First, the Easter egg surprise; this holds eight candy symbols with varying cash boosters. Then, there is the purple arrow, which fills up the ‘level-up meter’. There are also huge red free spins candies, usually four or more, which set off bonuses from five to about twenty-seven free spins.

There is also a bigger chance to double your prize with the gamble feature. In this feature, you get to call “heads or tail” in a coin flip, and if you guess correctly, you could double all or half of your winnings, depending on how much you bet. You could win a lot by betting a lot.

Compatibility of SugarPop 2: Double Dipped

BetSoft has ensured that this dripping sequel is available on the web. SugarPop 2: Double Dipped is coded in HTML5, and is available to iOS and Android devices. Plus, it requires no download. Go on and try some of this delicious goodness.