Double Eagle Hotel & Casino

Colorado is known for many things, but it may come as a surprise to many to learn of their very successful gambling industry. There are actually over 40 casinos active in the state, and business is good.

A unique angle Colorado has going for it is its historic gold mine towns, which are littered throughout the mountainous state. Of course, “Gold Rush” history and the “get-rich-quick” allure of casinos go hand-in-hand when it comes to tourism promotions.

This is why you see so many casinos in these small towns. The Double Eagle Hotel and Casino of Cripple Creek, Colo., is one of these casinos in one of these historic towns.

Located just south of Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek and the Double Eagle are found at the base of Pikes Peak and is one of the most popular casinos in the state. In a town of fewer than 1,200 people, you can bet tourism is the key to the success of the Double Eagle.

However, just because this is a popular destination with plenty to offer guests doesn’t make it a great casino.

Double Eagle Casino

The Double Eagle casino is, in fact, quite limited when compared to other casinos in the state, and it’s obvious this one gets by simply as a fun extension of the overall theme of the town. For one thing, there is no poker room or any table games here.

Everything is a slot machine of some sort. Of course, slot machines are very popular, payout big, and are lots of fun. Plus, the get-rich-quick motif of the town fits in perfectly with slots.

However, is this a casino or not? If you can offer classic casino table games and choose not to, you won’t score many points here.

That said, the Double Eagle looks great and has all the bells and whistles of other casinos. There are two floors of slots here as well, which is also a good look.

These are all modern and state-of-the-art slot machines, and there is a wide variety as well. However, as mentioned, there are only slots here, and that is disappointing, to say the least.

Double Eagle Promotions

Although the Double Eagle doesn’t offer much in the casino, they do offer plenty of promotions. Obviously, in a town so small, the promotions are aimed more toward the tourists visiting from elsewhere.

Promotions include slot tournaments, door prizes, and Military or Senior Citizen Appreciation Days. There are promotions every week, and they should be taken advantage of, so be sure to check the schedule on the Double Eagle website.

The Premier Club is the Double Eagle’s rewards program and is a very good one to boot. Just as with the promotions, the rewards program is also geared toward tourists on short stays.

Members can earn points every time they play the slots, and these points can be redeemed for discounts and comps in the Double Eagle. It is a nice perk and definitely has value, no matter how short your stay.

Double Eagle Dining

The Double Eagle has two dining options available to guests. Plus, the Double Eagle bar is open 24 hours every day and also offers late-night plates.

First, you can visit Lombard’s on our lower level. It is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or, you can try Winfield’s for fine dining, which is set slightly away from the casino in an intimate atmosphere.

Winfield’s offers quality steaks and seafood for casual diners in an upscale setting. Whatever you are looking for, no matter the time of day, you can find it at the Double Eagle.

Double Eagle Hotel

It is the hotel at the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino that seems to be the main draw here. There is plenty to do in this small historic town and the tourists like the easy access to the central location.

The Double Eagle is located directly downtown in Cripple Creek and offers excellent views of the city as well as the mountains. There are six sizes of rooms and suites to choose from, and all come with reasonable rates. The rooms come with all the amenities and even allow pets to visit as well.

Overall Review

The Double Eagle is a popular hotel and casino, and it is a critical part of Cripple Creek tourism. The hotel and dining options are great, and the entire establishment has a great look plus great views.

However, the casino here is far from great and doesn’t really offer much to serious casino-goers. The most obvious offense is the complete lack of table games. Slots machines are great, but to be a serious casino, you have to offer more.

Unfortunately, without blackjack, roulette, craps, or even a poker room, you are not a serious casino. This is a great place to stay when in Cripple Creek to do other things but definitely not a reason to make the trip.