Kentucky Downs

If you happen to be around the Franklin, Ky., area and are in search of a racetrack that is like a casino, look no further than Kentucky Downs. With gaming, dining, drinks, and other various entertainment, you cannot miss your opportunity.

The casino has gone through some management and newer construction recently, but it appears to have gone in the right direction. They have added games to their second floor and have new safety and health procedures.

Kentucky Downs Offering

Kentucky Downs has everything you need all in one place. Customers have commented on how well the place has turned out and how much they enjoy their time there.

The place boasts a variety of gaming options, promotions, a players club, multiple dining options, and live entertainment. It has also become an industry leader among horse races, which pays out the highest average daily purses across North America, Europe, and even Hong Kong.

Kentucky Downs Gaming Options

Large jackpots and big hits are kind of a thing for Kentucky Downs. Players have positively enjoyed the variety and the payouts.

They have hundreds of machines that have historical races to bet on. Soon they will have a new operating system called 513 Exacta Systems terminals, which will carry 61 unique gaming option titles.

In addition to those games, they also have a simulcast room and bingo hall. Needless to say, jackpots are what makes this place very interesting since guests seem to win a lot more often than normal.

Kentucky Downs Promotions

Kentucky Downs offers great promotions along with their players’ club. Signing up is easy as long as you have a valid ID and are 21 and older.

You earn points by playing your favorite games and using your club card. The points system breaks down to 1 point equaling $5 in wagers.

The rewards are based on a tier levelling system. These are earned in a rolling six-month period. The rewards system is shown below:

  • Gold: 0 Points
  • Platinum: 4,000 Points
  • Diamond: 16,000 Points

Tier points will count towards card level and are earned at your standard playing rate. Bonus points are earned as a promotion, gift, or from a multiplied rate.

To move up or down a tier level, every six months, your account will be evaluated and see where it needs to be. The benefits are sprinkled among each level, so it is important that if you want to keep your level that you meet the points requirement.

The point where the systems start to gain on one another is the free food comps, free hotel stays, and other exclusives. Only platinum and diamond have the two above freebies while diamond only has the following additions:

  • Receive invitations to all VIP events
  • Access to special event tickets for events
  • Concierge service

As you can see, each level matters if you want the best of the best available. So, you need to play as much as possible if you want to be a part of these rewards.

Kentucky Downs Dining Options

Kentucky Downs has three dining and drink options to customers. Each one has its specialty and great selections.

Lucky 7’s: They offer all-day breakfast and a large selection of common food items. It also has a nice 50s theme to it to change your scenery.

KD Cafe: They offer Starbucks-branded coffee along with a variety of sweets to eat. They cover all the bases with coffee, tea, espressos, and frappuccinos.

The Bar: It has everything you can imagine, drink-wise. They have a revolving 24 beers on tap, with seasonal and local crafts. They also have live entertainment every Wednesday and Saturday.

Kentucky Downs Entertainment and Places to Stay

As noted above, live entertainment can be found in The Bar on select days. They also have a selection on their page where bands can sign up and book events to play live shows for guests. This can really make your evening a great one if you are into live music.

As far as places to stay, there are several places within 10 minutes of the area. The two closest places to stay are the Hampton Inn and Comfort Suites.

As you play and earn rewards points, you can use 1,500 points to book a night at a local hotel. They even offer a shuttle service as long as it is within a reasonable distance from the casino.


Kentucky Downs offers a great selection of games and restaurants to its guests. If they had their own hotel to stay at, this would be nearly an all-in-one package to play and stay.

However, they seem to be one of the tops of their game when it comes to service and rewards regardless of not having their own hotel. When it comes to players having a good time, they nail that right on the head.