Silver Wolf Casino

Silver Wolf Casino can be found on the Highline at 300 Montana 25 east, just off of 4th avenue. This casino is owned and operated by Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation.

To put in perspective of this casino and other casinos in Montana’s state, you have to understand the situation with gambling in the state. Montana has one of the strictest laws against gambling, so in nature, you will not find a luxurious top of the line experience as you would like in Las Vegas or New Jersey.

With that being said, you can still find value in a casino that is a bit smaller.

Silver Wolf Casino Offerings

Silver Wolf has some offerings to give their guests. The main attraction here is the bingo, but they also offer slots, video poker, video bingo, video keno, pull tabs, and a restaurant.

This place also allows smoking. So if you enjoy smoking, you have no issues here. But if you do not like a smoking environment, you may have to look elsewhere because the smoke will get thick if a lot of smokers are present.

Silver Wolf Casino Gaming Options

Silver Wolf offers 110 different video gaming machines within a facility that spans almost 12,000 square feet. These games all have variations of penny slots up to $2 a wager on these games.

If you are in the mood for bingo, you are in luck. They offer video bingo as well as a bingo room with up to 200 people playing.

They have lotto slots and pull tabs for other options.

They also have other video gaming varieties such as keno and poker. It is not entirely clear what video poker they offer or how many.

Silver Wolf Casino Dining

The Silver Wolf Casino offers only one dining option to their customers. The option is called the Wolf Den, and it is a full-service restaurant.

Again, looking at their website, you will not be able to find any information on what they offer to eat. To find specific information on their menu, you need to contact them directly.

Silver Wolf Casino Hotels

This casino does not offer a hotel. However, there are nearby places to stay in Wolf Point. You will have two main options to choose from. These places include:

  • Homestead Inn
  • Sherman Inn and Restaurant

If trying to stay here, you should try to see if you can get a discount if it is associated with Silver Wolf. You can also contact Silver Wolf and see if they will offer you anything to stay nearby.

Silver Wolf Casino Entertainment Options

Other than what this facility already offers for games, there are no other known options for entertainment or any upcoming events scheduled. The bingo hall inside would most likely be a very popular event, as it holds over 200 people, and it appears to be the only one that offers a schedule for guests.

They advertise daily jackpots and promotions, but they do not specify what they are or how much. You would need to contact the casino for this and to find out their bingo schedule.

Silver Wolf Casino Rewards and Promotions

As far as rewards and promotions go for Silver Wolf, they do not advertise much of anything. Every now and then, they will show advertisements for various jackpots but nothing really for their guests or loyal customers.

To find more information on current rewards and promotions, you can call their number. This way, you will be able to find out what they can do for you if you decide to stop by.


If you are expecting a higher-end, very expensive, large payouts, and a very busy casino, you might have to look elsewhere. Silver Wolf will not appeal to the gambler that wants a vacation here.

However, there is some value to be had here. If you are a local resident or someone vacationing through the area, you can stop in and kill some time and maybe win some money.

You can definitely find something to eat, as the restaurant is full service. Checking the bingo hall might be worth your time, too, if you have the day to spend playing.

Overall, this casino is one that local residents might visit more often than outsiders, which is okay. If you are looking to keep away from a large crowd and want a little peace and quiet while gambling, stop by Silver Wolf.