Ohiya Casino and Resort

Located in the northeast part of Nebraska, just south of the South Dakota border, Ohiya Casino and Resort is owned and operated by the Santee Sioux Nation. Ohiya offers a casino, promotions, a hotel, dining, and plenty of entertainment.

Plus, there are plenty of other activities in the area, such as golf and Niobrara State Park. Ohiya doesn’t have many rivals in the area and is a destination to consider for those looking to do a bit of everything in the area.

Ohiya Casino

Ohiya is a casino in the strictest sense of the word, as its gambling options are very limited. Of course, this is not entirely their fault as state law and licensing restricts the gaming options casinos are allowed to offer.

Nebraska is not the most liberal state when it comes to legalized gambling, after all. For this reason, the only gaming you will find at Ohiya are the slots and a bi-weekly bingo game.

All of the slot machines are new and state of the art. Plus, Ohiya Casino does a good job of adding the most recent and popular games every few months.

With over 26 different types of slot games, players are sure to find a favorite. There are also two bingo nights available featuring electronic bingo and traditional, which is fun for everyone and quite popular.

This may not be a casino you’d find on the Vegas strip, but they do as much as they legally can in a very professional and inviting way.

Ohiya Promotions

The promotions at Ohiya Casino are a big part of the business plan as there are “Hot Seat” promotions every week. Drawings for cash and prizes are held very often.

Plus, there is the Player’s Club Rewards program for frequent players. Player’s Club members earn points on every machine in the house on every dollar they spend.

These points are then redeemed for more prizes, promotions, and comps. Be sure to swipe your Player’s Club membership card before playing on any machine to be sure to gain as many points as possible.

Ohiya Hotel

The Ohiya Casino and Resort has plenty of hotel rooms available for players looking to extend their visit or guests just looking to visit the area. There is much to do in the surrounding areas, from golf to state parks, and you’re sure to find something for everyone.

There are four different types of rooms with different rates, so guests can find a room to best fit them. Plus, the best promotion in the house is via the hotel.

Stay and Play is a one-night discounted rate that also earns you $30 of Free Play in the casino as well as $20 in dining credit. The hotel is a perfect place to relax as guests also have access to a fitness center, heated swimming pool, and a hot tub.

Calling it a resort may be a bit of a stretch, but this is a nice hotel that makes for a comfortable stay.

Ohiya Dining

There are a few dining options at Ohiya, starting with the quick and easy. The Court Cafe is located right off the casino and available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Here you will find soups, sandwiches, burgers, and such ready for take out or dining in.

Guests are free to stop in the Lounge for a relaxing drink. A full bar and wine list are available.

Or, for guests looking for a nice sit-down meal, Legends is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a wide selection of meals, including a buffet. Plus, you can find specials every day of the week at Legends making your meals that much more enjoyable and affordable.

Ohiya Entertainment

The entertainment at Ohiya Casino and Resort is more than just a glass of wine in the Lounge. The Four Winds Event Hall features many national music, comedy, and other live entertainment acts. Their calendar is always full of great shows and acts and is easily accessible on their website.

Overall Review

Of course, you are not going to find the greatest casino in the world in Nebraska, but that doesn’t mean the Ohiya Casino and Resort is phoning it in. Ohiya Casino goes out of its way to provide a great experience as well as great service.

This is a fine establishment, and they make do with what little they are allowed to offer. Although they are limited to only slot machines, Ohiya Casino brings in all the best and most popular games.

The hotel is very accommodating, and the dining options plentiful. Plus, their live entertainment venue is scheduled with national and local acts all year-round.

Obviously, this is not the type of place you will find in Vegas, but it is a great option in Nebraska.