Rosebud Casino

When you think of casinos, casino gambling, or casino resorts, you probably don’t think about the state of Nebraska. The Cornhusker State is not a popular legal gambling destination such as Nevada or New Jersey.

This is a farming state which is not very populated, so, as you can probably imagine, casinos are few and far between. Not only that, but Nebraska also doesn’t have the most inviting casino gambling laws either, so what few casinos are in the state are usually very limited in game scope.

However, Nebraska casinos do exist, and the Rosebud Casino in Valentine may be the very best one they have.

The Rosebud Casino

Located on the border with South Dakota in central Nebraska, Rosebud Casino is much more than just a casino. Of course, to get any business, it has to be. Most of their customers come from Highway 83, which means Rosebud Casino is more rest stop than gambling destination.

As mentioned, the state of Nebraska has some strict casino gambling laws that limit just how much a casino can offer. For instance, table games are only available at certain hours on certain days of the week.

That said, and this is what we love most about the joint, Rosebud Casino gives guests the maximum amount of every game they are legally allowed to offer. This is the biggest casino for miles around, so they have stacked the gaming floor with every game they can.

You’ll find 250 slot machines, which is the maximum allowed. There is one Ultimate Texas Hold ’em table, one Three Card Poker table, and two blackjack tables.

You guessed it, casinos are limited to card games, and they can only have four tables available. And, of course, that’s what you get. It may not be much, but you’ll always get the maximum at Rosebud Casino.

These are solid game options for such a small place, so Rosebud Casino gets extra points for selection. Not only can you find action on these tables, but the minimum wagers are also very reasonable so you can get your money’s worth.

Rosebud Casino Promotions

The Rosebud Casino offers plenty of weekly and monthly promotions. There are monthly slots tournaments with nice payouts. Guests can receive $25 Free Play for coming in any time during their birthday month.

There are door prizes and drawings as well. Promotions are a great way for casinos to bring in customers, and Rosebud Casino does a good job of getting as many as they can on their calendar. Not only that, but guests can also enroll in the Rosebud Rewards program, which offers even more promotions for frequent players.

Rosebud Casino Dining

The dining options may be limited to the Rosebud Room Restaurant, but this does not mean they don’t have plenty to offer. The Rosebud Room Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week and features a full menu as well as the Prime Buffet.

Guests can order anything from a quick bite to a full sit-down meal. There are also many promotions which include comps and discounts in the Rosebud Room Restaurant.

Rosebud Casino Hotel

The hotel at Rosebud Casino is literally a Quality Inn. Everyone has seen a Quality Inn and knows the brand. They are typically located just off the highway all across the United States.

However, it is important to know. These establishments, however, are more than just another motor lodge, and this is especially true for the Quality Inn at Rosebud Casino.

Not only are there over 150 rooms with all the bells and whistles, but there is also a fitness center and heated pool to help guests relax. The rates are always reasonable, and based on the location, availability should never be a problem. Perfect for those passing through and looking for a nice place to rest for the night.

Rosebud Casino Entertainment

The Rosebud Casino Event Center bills itself as the best music venue for hundreds of miles around and, not only does it feature local and tribute acts but also national touring musical acts as well. Of course, there aren’t many other music venues for hundreds of miles, but we won’t hold that against them as the Rosebud Casino does a good job of offering plenty of shows week in and week out.

Overall Review

As far as casinos go, the Rosebud Casino isn’t going to win any major awards any time soon. However, for being located where they and in the state they are, this is as good a casino you are going to find.

They get all the little things right, and that is appreciated. They offer all the games they can, including slots and table card games.

There are plenty of promotions every week. You can grab a meal at any time of day. Plus, there is a Quality Inn right next door. Good job, Rosebud, you give all you can.