888Poker Getting Ready for a Historic Global Launch of Its Poker8 Platform

After more than 24 months of extensive testing and steadfast development, the 888poker’s new branded poker platform, Poker8, has finally been unveiled and is reading to be launched globally.

888Poker has announced it is rolling out its in-house developed Poker8 poker platform to mark the 2 years of developing and testing efforts. This is after testing the initiative for the first time in late 2018.

After its first testing, the poker platform received overwhelming feedback from the community, players, and brand ambassador. This is in line with what 888Poker says will be the most instinctive poker solution in the industry.

Poker8 Noteworthy Features

The platform features a portrait format and an upgraded mobile device interface to enrich the player experience. There is also a new feature that allows a player to swipe quickly between tables. Players can play even 4 poker games simultaneously.

888Poker intends to keep the community entertained and happy with its new platform. They have created gift drops to crowd bankrolls with more funds and allowed surprise prizes to achieve this. Also, a distinct winner spinner game is already an integral part of the newly improved company’s look.

888Poker has also integrated Poker 8 as an integral part of its casino platform, making it another in-house solution. The 888 is looking to achieve enhanced collaborations across the 2 verticals and incorporate the solutions impeccably into each other.

Poker8 is a “Made to Play” Platform

Gili Brandshten, the Head of Product Technologies at 888Poker, praised the team behind making the Poker8 poker platform a reality. He said that the platform ensures a customer-centric enhanced experience combining product innovation and existing solutions. He added that the platform was their direct response and reaction to what poker players need.

While Poker8 is being launched officially now, the poker platform has been piloted and teased across several European markets since July. This made for ample testing time considering the obvious increased online stream of traffic.

Poker8 poker was primarily available to those who play poker for recreational purposes when it was being piloted. There was also some participation by higher-tier players. Yet, 888Poker has been trying to popularize its new platform across all levels.

“Made to Play” was launched by the company to boost awareness for the poker product’s new intuitive and slick look. However, 888Poker counts on more than just the good looks of their new product.

888Poker Records Strong Results

The “Made to Play” campaign is set to feature one million dollars in an attempt to persuade players into trying out the new look. Poker has been one of the most important verticals for 888 during the early months of the year. For instance, traffic in the US increased by about 60 percent.

The segment generated more revenue for the operator, leading to a 56 percent increase in revenue in the first half of 2020, where revenues increased to 36.1 million dollars. Poker signups broke all records, with at least 103 percent more registrations. 888 previously confirmed the most important drivers of its revenue are poker enthusiasts. The reason behind this is that poker game adds wonderful entertainment value to what has been invested.


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