Atlantic City Casinos Join Forces to Promote the Boardwalk

For the most part, any business tends to not work with their rivals. To be successful, you need to maintain the market share. The best way to do this is to compete with your competitors. But sometimes, it can pay off to work together. Three casinos in Atlantic City recently announced they would be working together to promote the Boardwalk in the hopes of generating more business for their section of the city. Nearby attractions and local businesses are also joining in.

The north end of the Boardwalk is now being called North Beach, with the Hard Rock Casino, Resorts Casino and the Ocean Casino Resort working together to market their section of the city. A marketing as well as entertainment effort has been launched for the region to bring in more traffic. At the start of summer and towards the end, the section of the Boardwalk will be home to block parties as well as music events every Monday. The effort was a collective one and costs tens of thousands to come to fruition.

In the area, it takes about ten minutes to walk within a section that is home to three casinos and around forty restaurants. The casinos decided that if they worked together, they would stand a better chance of competing with other venues in Atlantic City.

Two of the casinos in the group, the Hard Rock and Ocean Casino Resort, have only been in business for close to a year now. The two have been struggling to gain a foothold in the market and working together with Resorts and other small businesses should help them to gain ground.

No Freezeout

Atlantic City is known as a gambling town due to the casinos in the region, but there is also a ton of more to do, from shopping and dining to entertainment and activities. In the past, casinos have been accused of freezing out other businesses. With this new initiative, businesses located on Tennessee Avenue can reinvent themselves and become more of a hotspot in the region.

New investments are being made which will help to bring even more traffic to the region. The historic Steel Pier and the Absecon Lighthouse is located in this part of town, which can only help to boost traffic in the area.

Other venues helping to promote the North Beach area are the Iron Room, Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall and MADE Atlantic City. These businesses coming together have helped the region to have more marketing capabilities and to bring several demographics to one area to enjoy a host of activities, dining and casino entertainment.

It will be interesting to see if the sector of the city coming together has an overall impact. We shall see in the coming months how the revenue numbers fare for the region as they get started working together to increase tourism in North Beach.


Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.