BetMGM Adds Online Casino and Sportsbook App to Google Play Store

Since Google changed up its policies and allows online gambling companies in the United States to add apps to its Play Store, we have seen several operators launch services. For quite some time, operators were unable to offer their apps in the Play Store due to legalities connected to the company’s policies. With the change, operators can now offer an easier way for players to locate and download their app. BetMGM is the latest company to launch its apps via Google. The company launched its online poker app first and then followed it up with its casino and sportsbook application.

Downloading the New Option

Players located in states where online gambling is legalized will be able to download and use the BetMGM applications. There is a separate app for each option, making it easy to play casino games, place sports bets, or play poker.

There are only certain jurisdictions where the app is valid and BetMGM uses geolocation technology to ensure that players located in these states can access the content. Users can switch the app to a new jurisdiction when traveling, which is a neat integration. Players who travel often will find this option convenient.

The sportsbook and the online casino app both offer the option to switch jurisdictions when traveling to a new state. However, the casino is only open in New Jersey and Pennsylvania currently. Players can easily download the app and start enjoying real money betting in just minutes. The online casino app includes slot games, table games, video poker, and more.

BetMGM is becoming a major contender in the US online gaming sector and with the Google Play Store now an option, growth is only expected to continue. Millions of people use Android devices, and the app launches allow the company to provide even more people with quick access to the application.

Ease of Use

In the past, Android users had to download the BetMGM platform in a roundabout way. It wasn’t difficult per se, but it required players to complete steps on their mobile device and a warning would pop up in the process. This warning was normal and nothing to worry about, but players often felt like it might be an issue, so they would simply avoid downloading the app.

This led to fewer Android users than BetMGM would like. And other operators were faced with the same issue. Now that Google has opened up its app store to real money gambling apps, it makes the process much simpler. Even people with little to no tech skills can download the app with a simple search in the Play Store.

Operators must adhere to certain protocols when adding the app to the Play Store. The listing must include information stating it is for adults only with an age limit restriction in place. In the listing, it must also include information on how to seek help if you or someone you know has a gambling problem. A telephone number is listed in the app as well as a website that players can visit for help.


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