BetOnline Poker Room Launches 25 Days of Poker

With the holidays drawing near, online poker rooms are starting to offer special events and promotions to provide members with something fun and exciting to take part in. At BetOnline, the online poker room decided to kick things off early and continue for almost the entire month of December. The 25 Days of Poker started on December 1 and will continue for 25 full days featuring a total of $50,000 in cash prizes.

Taking Part

Every day, players of BetOnline will have access to a new mission. These daily missions, once completed, provide players with a ticket to an all-in $1,000 freeroll. Each day the mission is different so it might be easy to complete for harder. No matter the mission, if you pass, then you get a ticket to a daily freeroll.

Examples of challenges include begin dealt pocket aces or hitting a flush. You may also need to reach the flop a certain number of times in a game variant like Omaha. The online poker room might require you to play in an SNG or win a windfall.

The challenges are different each day, so you are not playing the same thing over and over again. There are also multiple missions per day to complete. Players who take part in each daily mission will be in for a treat by the end of the month as there is going to be Main Event Freerolls featuring $25,000 in total prize money!

The Main Event Freerolls

Because there are 25 days of missions, BetOnline has decided to host special Main Events at the end of the 25 Days of Poker. Players who have completed a certain number of missions will be able to take part in a particular freeroll. The events will take place on December 27.

Players who finished six to 16 missions can play in a $1,500 guaranteed freeroll. Those who finish 16 to 30 missions can play in the $3,500 freeroll. Complete 31 to 55 missions and a larger $5,000 freeroll is on offer.

Those who can play more often and complete 56 missions or more, a $15,000 guaranteed prize pool freeroll is up for grabs. Each of these freerolls take place at the same time on the 27th, at 12:00 pm ET.

To take part in the 25 Days of Poker, players need to log in to BetOnline and then click on the My Missions tab. This can be seen via desktop or mobile device. Once you find the daily mission, opt in so you are eligible for credit if you complete the challenge.

This special series is a fun way for players to enjoy online poker with the option to earn added incentives. If you are already going to play at BetOnline, why not opt in to have the chance to win access to daily freerolls as well as the big Main Event freerolls at the end of the month!

The competition just started last week, so there is still plenty of time to take part in the 25 Days of Poker challenges.


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