Caesars Entertainment Considers Failure to Wear a Mask Grounds for Termination

Casinos in Nevada reopened on June 4 and thereafter, with certain regulations in place to keep employees and patrons safe amidst the coronavirus outbreak. One stipulation was that employees wear face masks. Guests were not required to do so initially. Soon after reopening, it was discovered that most guests were not wearing masks. Before a state mandate was put in place, casino operator Caesars Entertainment Corp. decided to implement their own mandate company wide. Now we have learned that employees who do not wear a face mask will risk being terminated.

Wear a Mask

It was not long after Caesars created the mandate that the state instituted their own requirement for face masks.  The CDC and other medical experts say that wearing a mask helps to reduce the spread of the virus, especially considering the fact that some people can be asymptomatic.

Now, we have learned that Caesars is consideration termination for employees who do not wear a mask on-site. CEO of the company Tony Rodio sent out a memo on Thursday that told employees that failure to wear a mask while at work was grounds for termination.

The universal mask policy of Caesars states that everyone who is indoors within a Caesars property must wear a mask at all times. The only time a mask can be removed is when the individual is eating or drinking. The policy applies to everyone, from guests to vendors, employees and contractors.

Taking Strong Action

In the memo, Rodio stated that employees are doing an excellent job in comply8ing with the mask policy. The company has been impressed with how guests are adjusting quickly to the new restriction. The company is working to see 100% compliance with guests and have warned that they will take strong action against team members who violate the rule.

The executive team of the company stressed that they will terminate any individual who is non-compliant with the signed contract and are emphasizing the seriousness of which they take the effort to reduce the Covid-19 spread.

Companies such as Caesars could be at risk of being shut down again if the virus spreads at a faster rate. Caesars is doing all they can to slow the spread so they can continue to offer services, providing employment for their team members and building revenues once again after being shut down for months when the virus first broke out.

Las Vegas Sands Takes Similar Approach

Caesars is not the only company clamping down on mask wearing. The Las Vegas Sands announced this week that their employees must wear a mask while working. Anyone who fails to do so will be subject to discipline including termination.

MGM Resorts also initiated a company wide mask mandate at the same time as Caesars. They require patrons and employees wear masks at all of their properties, nationwide.

Nevada is taking a strong stance with mask wearing. Governor Steve Sisolak announced on Friday that the state is taking action against anyone who is violation of the rules. The governor was disappointed to see so many non-compliant citizens shortly after the face mask mandate went into effect.


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