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Everything You Should Know About Circa

It has been four decades since Las Vegas saw a casino built from the ground up – but things are about to change. On Wednesday, October 28, a new casino known as Circa is set to open in downtown Las Vegas.

The $1 billion investment is said to be a thing of beauty. Not only is it a triumph for the owners Greg and Derek Stevens, it will also be a game-changer in the location. Even the competition applauds its opening, terming it as a significant development to the whole region. Circa is also expected to provide 1500 job opportunities.

Circa The New Kid in Block

Standing at 1.25 million square feet, Circa’s hotel and casino is a dream to behold. From the bright lights and stadium-style seating to the projection screen, one can’t help but admire the artistic work. The 35-story property features 777 rooms, 6 swimming areas, and the capacity to hold over 4,000 people. Besides, it is the only casino-hotel in the region that serves only 21-year olds and above. Customers’ identification will be verified at the entrance. During the official media tour of the premises, Derek Stevens proudly proclaimed that the sportsbook was also everything he imagined.

Circa hotel and casino boasts top-notch features such as:

Vegas Vickie

Vegas Vickie is one of the artistic centrepieces in the new resort. The neon kicking cowgirl has once again found a home on the west end of Fremont. The main difference is that she now greets customers inside Circa. The neon icon standing at 25 feet in height and 20 feet in width is visible from three levels.

Vickie has had some work done on her body, from her boots to her hat, to restore her former glory. It took about seven months to complete the whole renovation, including reinforcing the internal structure and applying new paint and neon lights.

Circa Sportsbook

Circa sportsbook is the highlight of the new place. It gives one the feeling of being in an entertainment megaplex. The venue can hold about 1000 viewers and contains a 78-million-pixel screen, the largest one worldwide by cubic feet. Stevens estimates that it takes up to 10 people to operate it.

The best part of Circa’s sportsbook is the seating style. It offers a different feel than any other venue, including booth style seating, plush recliners, VIP single cushioned chairs, and stadium-style seats. Stevens aimed to bring the real stadium experience into Circa. For those who love watching sports from the bar area, the overhang bar provides the best view.

The overall design of the property is well thought, with the convenience of customers in mind. Each seat in the stadium comes with in-plug capability for those who need to charge their devices.

Stadium Swim

This section is a beauty to behold. With the entrance of its level, it is all about creating a bold statement. It has the tallest escalator in the region and provides a perfect party mood each time you’re there. It is a perfect combination of water, sunshine, music, and party vibes. The venue consists of six massive individual pools, a 140 x 40 foot LED screen, and shade structures. Overall, it is a great destination to have a great time.

The stadium swim has a capacity of 4,000 people, and up to 240 can swim simultaneously. When it comes to hygiene, frequent recirculation and the ultra-violet light system are designed to kill pathogens and viruses.

Garage Mahal

This parking space is like no other. Boasting nine stories in capacity, Garage Mahal features approximately 1000 parking spaces. Unlike the common dimly lit structures, this property was built to offer an upscale experience. The Circa parking structure is filled with a lot of artificial and natural light, creating a sense of security.

The designers of the parking space took their time to check what works and what doesn’t. It was specially built with Lyft and Uber services in mind. Each floor is further decorated with murals, artwork, and colors to help the guests remember their parking space. Although the users will be expected to pay for parking, the rates are not yet known.

Circa Resort and Casino is set to take the Las Vegas gambling scene by storm. It comes with top features such as massive screens, six separate pools, a range of seating systems, and sufficient parking space.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.