equalize1 Wins 888poker’s Recent $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event

888poker used a unique format in its recent $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event. It attracted 1,071 players who formed a $107,100 prize pool exceeding its initial $100,000 guarantee.

"freeeeeeeeak" from Ukraine competed in the tournament and won a $10,000 mystery bounty after reaching the 18th level. Even so, the player exited the tournament in the 190th position and busted an opponent as 144 places got paid. Their mystery bounty made them the biggest winner in the tournament.

"HyalaLama" finished 107th and won a $3,000 bounty. "Fever105" got busted in the sixth position despite winning a $3,000 bounty.

What Were the Top 9 Finalists' Bounties and Prizes?

  1. equalize1 from Brazil- a $9,526 total prize; $687 bounties and a $8,839 prize
  2. apithanos08 from Cyprus- a $7,328 total prize; $881 bounties and a$6,446 prize
  3. CRBDOUGLAS from Brazil- a $5,226 total prize; $487 bounties and a $4,739 prize
  4. ashleywardy from the United Kingdom- a $3,775 total prize; $264 bounties and a $3,511 prize
  5. Santa.Muerte from Ukraine- a $3,683 total prize; $1,085 bounties and a $2,598 prize
  6. Fever105 from Ecuador- a $5,955 total prize; $4,014 bounties and a $1,941 prize
  7. BalticMouse from Lithuania- a $1,891 total prize; $430 bounties and a $1,461 prize
  8. pvss10 from Brazil- a 2,132 total prize; $1,024 bounties and a $1,017 prize
  9. arod1214- a $1,185 total prize; $340 bounties and a $845 prize.

How Things Unfolded at the Final Table

Nine players set the final table and 888poker Twitch stream aired its action. The finalists spent ten minutes understanding one another's play style before the first player got busted in a big hand.

"CRBDOUGLAS" used ace-jack of clubs to min-raise and "arod1214" made an all-in three-bet for 12 big blinds. The former had to hit the board as the latter used pocket queens to move all-in. CRBDOUGLAS hit it as the door card was an ace and they sent arod1214 packing in ninth place.

arod1214's exit kicked off eight-handed action as pvss10 led with the largest stack. Surprisingly, they followed arod1214 in eighth place after losing several pots and chips. The player had 18.5 big blinds when they paid a big blind.

Their chips got into the middle when they used ace-king to three-bet shove over equalize1's min-raise in the cutoff. By then, ace-king faced pocket jacks which later flopped a set, turned to a full house, and ended arod1214's run.

BalticMouse finished seventh since he had a short stack and held big blinds when equalize1 busted him. The former used king-four of hearts to call in the big blind. His chips went in and the two players paired king with their ace.

A four didn't land on the turn and sent BalticMouse home. Fever105 finished sixth after using pocket threes to make 3.5 big blinds open-shove and Santa.Muerte used ace-queen to call.

Fever105's run ended after the flop revealed an ace. Santa. Muerte collected many chips but left the table in the fifth position. They used a pair of nines and opted to three-bet all-in over CRBDOUGLAS's min-raise.

CRBDOUGLAS landed an ace on the turn and a queen on the flop that sent Santa.Muerte home. ashleywardy finished fourth after using ace-six of hearts to wager their remaining 3.7 big blinds. apithanos08 used ace-deuce to make a small blind call and CRBDOUGLAS used ace-queen to make a 24 big blinds all-in move.

ashleyward left the table after apithanos8 got out of their way. CRBDOUGLAS got busted in the third position and set up heads-up action between apithanos08 and equalize1.

apithanos08 had a 52.6:27.7 big blind chip advantage over equalize1. But, the latter recovered their chips and got the lead.

equalize1 used king-queen of diamonds to min-raise and apithanos08 used pocket nines to make a 22 big blinds shove that their opponent called. The latter drew dead after the first three community cards' three diamonds and finished second as the former won the tournament.


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