pivnoypuzec Is the New 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event Winner

The first 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event ended on March 7. It had $160 buy-ins and a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool after attracting 2,067 entrants. Yet, the buy-ins formed a $310,050 pool.

888poker awarded numerous prizes on Day 2 and more than 20 of its mystery bounty envelopes had $900. Six envelopes contained $3,000, and two others had $9,000 bounties. But, all players were determined to win the $30,000 jackpot bounty.

Charles3rd later won the jackpot despite exiting the event in the 14th position with $1,248. The jackpot bounty increased his total winnings to $35,228.

What Were the Final Table's Top Prizes?

  1. pivnoypuzec from Montenegro- a $25,262 total prize; $3,159 bounties and a $22,103 prize
  2. Ibet1X2 from Sweden- a $17,492 total prize; $1,359 bounties and a $16,133 prize
  3. 2paccnrw16- a $19,609 total prize; $7,749 bounties and a $11,859 prize
  4. schmpfer from Germany- a $9,466 total prize; $679 bounties and a $8,786 prize
  5. AntonTsi from Ukraine- a $9,827 total prize; $3,329 bounties and a $6,498 prize
  6. BritiyLobok from Kazakhstan- a $7,918 total prize; $3,068 bounties and a $4,849 prize
  7. Panxetillo from Andorra- a $4,612 total prize; $979 bounties and a $3,633 prize
  8. VladRon13 from Ukraine- a $3,092 total prize; $339 bounties and a $2,752 prize
  9. Zebest7r from Canada- a $3,925 total prize; $1,829 bounties and a $2,096 prize

What Transpired on the Final Day?

Each final table qualifier won more than $3,000 in total. Zebest7r got busted first after reaching the table with four big blinds. Still, they opened thrice to the big blind using ace-six of spades and was left with less than a big blind from an early position.

BritiyLobok used the dominating ace-jack to make an all-in 22.8 big blinds three-bet from the middle position while VladRon13 used ace-queen to make an under 17 big blinds call from the button. Zebest7r made an all-in call and revealed the five community cards.

VladRon13 paired a queen on the flop before putting a two-pair on the river and eliminated Zebest7r in ninth place as BritiyLobok held 6.6 big blinds. The former got busted after making a 22.8 big blinds all-in three-bet on the button when AntonTsi made a middle position min-raise.

VladRon13 turned pocket jacks and AntonTsi put two aces in the hole. They held and sent VladRon13 packing in eighth place.

Panxetillo followed VladRon13 in the seventh position after using ace-ten to make a spade min-raise from the cutoff and Ibet1X2 used pocket sevens to wager blinds. The former called their 14 big blinds, and failed to get help from the nine-high board left the table.

BritiyLobok struggled to collect more chips after losing a large pot. They exited the tournament in sixth place after using queen-nine of clubs when 2pacnrw16 used ace-king to make a small blind all-in move. The flop and turn revealed an ace each and sent BritiyLobok home in sixth place.

AntonTsi finished fifth after using pocket tens to min-raise from the cut when pinvoypuzec used ace-king to make an eight-big blind three-bet. The former moved in for 44 big blinds before the latter called. An ace on the turn ended AntonTsi's run.

schimpfer's stack grew to 12 big blinds and they got busted in fourth place after losing a battle of the blinds to pinvoypuzec. The latter used nine-seven to make a small blind all-in raise and the former used king-jack to call off 11.3 big blinds. A seven on the flop eliminated schimpfer.

The three remaining players battled it out for almost an hour before 2pacnrw16 exited the tournament in third place. Ibet1X2 used a king-jack of clubs from the small blind to raise the big blind thrice. They flopped a jack before turning a king.

Unfortunately, two diamonds landed on the board. Ibet1X2 had an 85.2: 18.2 big blind advantage over pinvoypuzec from that hand. The latter eventually drew level after their ace-six defeated the former's queen-jack.

pinvoypuzec used pocket sixes to make 2.1 big blinds raise and 1bet1X2 used eight-six to call. The former got a full house after the flop revealed six-ace-ace prompting the latter to check-call a min-bet.

An eight appeared on the turn and 1bet1X2 placed a 3.5 big blind wager before check-calling. A jack on the river prompted them to check again as pinvoypuzec made a 14.8 big blinds effective all-in move. 1bet1X2 missed a fold and left the table as a runner-up with $14,492 as pivnoypuzec bagged $25,262.


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