FanDuel Throws Open the Doors to New SportsBook Partnership in West Virginia

FanDuel has thrown open the doors to a new sportsbook partnership in West Virginia in their link-up with Scientific Games. Now, FanDuel has been making huge in-roads over the last year or so, and this move to consolidate their position in West Virginia comes as no surprise.

The New Online Platform

FanDuel originally launched in West Virginia back in 2019. However, this new global open sportsbook platform with Scientific Games is going to change the way they go about business across the State.

OpenBet is one of the most powerful engines of its type anywhere in the world. With over 20 years’ experience within this industry, OpenBet is also used to power the likes of SkyBet platforms as well as Betfair, Paddy Power, and SportsBet. If you have never heard of these names, then they are huge across Europe and Australia.

What you get here with OpenBet are multiple ways to bet that far exceed the norm. This platform is more in accordance with what you see in Europe where the entire idea of sportsbooks has been around for a substantial period of time. Complete with in-game betting opportunities, it allows you to bet while not only you are on the move, but also while the sporting event itself is running. That alone is cool and you will be blown away by the way in which the odds change so rapidly depending on the action taking place.

An Unrivaled Betting Experience

According to the CEO of FanDuel, Matt King, this new platform is going to provide their customers with an unrivaled betting experience from the comfort of their own homes. It opens up more opportunities to place bets on live sporting action from around the world. In an instant, it allows customers to check out what’s happening in the world of sports, the most up to date odds around, and to then place bets in what feels like seconds.

This partnership does mean FanDuel is linking up with the market leader within this industry. OpenBet has so far processed in excess of 2 billion bets, and that number climbs on a daily basis. Their network is varied, and even though FanDuel is just one of over 200 such partnerships that Scientific Games has entered into, the power of FanDuel and the market share they have means this is a guaranteed success.

But how does that affect the people of West Virginia?

Well, it’s all positive if you reside in West Virginia. The market may still be relatively small in size, but a partnership such as this provides people in the state with new ways to bet that isn’t always available in other states.

By effectively testing the market with this new sportsbook, FanDuel has the opportunity to check how positive the experience is with their clientele. Doing that in a state the size of West Virginia makes sense, so it’s only going to be a win for all concerned.

FanDuel appears to be constantly trying to expand. In November, they formed their own partnership to be the official betting partner with the Detroit Pistons, and you can expect additional partnerships with different teams to be formed over the next 12 months.


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